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Achtung Baby! Spafax CEO Predicts All Out Cyber Warfare and Military Deployment for 2019

Niall McBain, CEO of in-flight entertainment and passenger engagement company, Spafax, is predicting that the misuse of technology could take a dark turn in 2019, and is warning business leaders to be prepared to act…

McBain Predicts

The complexity of database relationships will be exploited on an unprecedented scale

Trade and cyber warfare will expose increasingly interrelated databases and we will see the targeting of individuals by an increasing number of criminal gangs and autocratic and rogue states.  

It will become a military issue

Democratic governments will need to respond and defend citizens interests and we will see our first full-scale bloodless cyber war with the targeting of major infrastructure assets, public services and defence. Military resources will have to be deployed to defend trade and business.

Traditional media will see a resurgence

Rumours of the imminent demise of newspapers and mainstream news sources have been greatly exaggerated.  Traditional news organisations will experience a resurgence due to the demand for editorial integrity and security as well as improved digital management.

Being savvy about what is possible will be key for business leaders

Leaders of businesses and other organisations need to prepare and have contingency plans. It would be naïve to say that it is possible to entirely avoid all cyber wrongdoing, but if you want peace, prepare for war.  To conduct a business as if the danger doesn’t exist is irresponsible.  All companies should be acutely aware that in cyber space, we are rarely alone.


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