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SEON Report Highlights Varying Cyber Threat Risks Across 93 Countries Worldwide

Europe is the global leader in protecting against cyber threats, according to a report by financial crime prevention experts SEON. The company’s Global Cybercrime Report assessed the varying risks to internet users across 93 countries by combining data from the National Cyber Security Index, the Global Cybersecurity Index, and the Cybersecurity Exposure Index.

The report found that the top 10 lowest-risk countries for cyber threats are all in Europe, with Belgium ranked the safest, followed by Finland and Spain. At the other end of the scale, Afghanistan is the highest-risk country for cyber threats, with Myanmar and Namibia second and third.

The report also reveals the most common forms of cybercrime, including phishing attacks and personal data breaches. SEON’s report highlights the significant impact that cyber attacks have on the global economy and underlines the importance of effective solutions to counter them.

Businesses, individuals, and governments worldwide cannot afford to lose money to cybercrime attacks, especially as they contend with a worsening economic climate.

Be informed

SEON’s report also aims to help internet users be more informed about areas where they are most at risk, highlighting the variance that exists between different regions regarding this threat. Europe leads the fight against this ever-evolving challenge, and seven of the top ten highest-risk countries for cyber threats are in Asia and Africa.

Jimmy Fong, chief commercial officer at SEON, said that many countries have developed strong cybersecurity programs and are enacting more effective legislation specifically aimed at tackling this evolving and significant issue. However, there are still many countries that lack the infrastructure or desire to tackle this challenge with the intensity it requires.

“By highlighting this variance, SEON is helping to raise awareness around regions where internet users are most at risk,” said Fong. “More broadly, our report highlights that the monetary consequences of cyber threats remain too high globally, reaffirming the need to continue to prioritise this issue in the coming years.”


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