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Sella Launches Financial Blockchain and Metaverse Startup Accelerator

Italian banking platform Sella has launched a new international acceleration programme ‘Metaverse 4 Finance’, to develop innovative solutions and technologies in the field of metaverse-applied finance.

The goal of the Sella metaverse accelerator is to support startups with decentralised-native technologies based on blockchain protocols and hybrid applications to bring the benefits of web3 to enterprises. Ultimately, it aims to optimise infrastructure and user experiences, as well as ‘as-a-service’ solutions to redesign legacy applications based on the principles of web3 and blockchain.

Metaverse 4 Finance is aimed at startups operating in the web3, with a defined core team, a clear value proposition, a prototype ready for market launch within six to ten months and a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) greater than or equal to six.

Metaverse 4 Finance has four key areas of application:


Focused on technological solutions and decentralized infrastructures based on ‘low coding’, digital identity, security by design, interoperability and artificial intelligence.

Legal and data 

Targeting on-chain data analysis, tax reporting and compliance.

Products and services

Dedicated to AI solutions for the aggregate management of portfolios, augmented and virtual reality in B2B and retail, blockchain-as-a-service solutions and business models focused on NFT and tokenomics systems.


Aimed at solutions supporting web2 to web3 transition overcoming technological complexity to boost the user experience of the end customer.

The second edition of the accelerator

The initiative takes place across four phases over a six-month period:

  1. A scouting and selection stage
  2. A period of business acceleration to support the business plan and identify the ten best entities
  3. Technical validation of the products and solutions of the selected startups will take place before moving on to matchmaking to provide the possibility of integrating the developed innovations in the processes of companies operating in the sector.

The five best-accelerated startups will receive an investment worth €100,000 each from Venture Incubator dpixel.

The novelty of the second edition ‘Metaverse 4 Finance’ concerns the involvement of international partners – such as metaverse factories, law and compliance firms, web3 communities, and tech companies specialised in decentralized finance solutions based on layer 2 protocols – providing startups with the needed tools, skills and support to accelerate their go-to-market.

The first edition of the recently concluded initiative saw 117 applications from 26 countries and the final investment in four startups from the USA, United Kingdom, Romania and Switzerland.


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