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TOKO Partnership Sees PwC Hong Kong Client’s Access Blockchain Solutions Across the Globe

Digital asset creation platform TOKO, which was created in collaboration with global law firm DLA Piper, has signed an agreement with PwC Hong Kong, which will see it offer blockchain solutions to PwC’s global suite of clients.

End-to-end virtual assets solutions are included in the TOKO offering – empowering asset owners, issuers and investors to solve real-world problems and promote financial inclusion.

TOKO offering comes as a result of creating data-rich tokens that align to a wide variety of underlying assets such as real estate, funds, shares, IP rights, and digital art. The digital asset creation platform can deploy virtual assets on multiple public blockchains, whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality by only making this information available to permissioned users.

The agreement will see TOKO and PwC work together on projects to promote the development of the virtual asset ecosystem, including building a use case leveraging TOKO’s tokenisation platform. This will serve to further open up opportunities for securities markets for both issuers and investors alike.

With the business relationship agreement, PwC Hong Kong now has the ability to now offer enhanced security, transparency, and efficiencies to their global suite of clients, enabling them to overcome barriers of asset illiquidity.

“Improving the world through technology within a tight regulatory framework”
Peter Brewin, TOKO PwC Hong Kong
Peter Brewin, partner at PwC Hong Kong

Peter Brewin, partner at PwC Hong Kong, discussed the benefits of the agreement: “The TOKO platform has a number of features which we believe our clients will see value in. These include the ability to customise token attributes and data sets to fit a wide variety of different underlying asset classes (real estate, funds, IP rights, digital art and trade finance), and to mint tokens on a variety of public blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon, Hedera, Algorand etc).

“It also enables the ability to immutably bind backing legal documents and data files to that same token on a separate permissioned blockchain that maintains privacy and confidentiality by only making this information available to those that have been granted access.”

TOKO remains committed to improving the world and reshaping the virtual asset management landscape through cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, and a user-centric approach, the agreement bringing this commitment to a wider audience.

Scott Thiel, CEO and founder of TOKO, also commented on the decision: “At TOKO we believe in improving the world through technology and doing it within a tight regulatory framework, we are therefore excited about entering into this collaboration with PwC to bring our tokenisation technology to their suite of clients.”


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