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SayHey Messenger® Boosts External Communications with Regulatory-Compliant SMS Text Messaging

7T, Inc, the Dallas-based digital transformation developer, has launched a new version of its business instant messaging app, SayHey Messenger® to include external messaging capabilities.

SayHey Messenger® is fully regulatory compliant giving companies complete control over data management and retention. It also enables customers to leverage the highly-efficient business messaging channel without running into record keeping violations or regulatory non-compliance issues.

Shane Long
Shane Long, CEO, 7T

7T gives the example of a banker in a highly-regulated industry with strict record keeping requirements, who is asked by a client to communicate via text.

“He wants to provide a good client experience and meet the client where they live and work — text messaging. He also knows he can’t expect a client to install yet another mobile app just for this one conversation,” explains 7T co-founder and president Shane Long.

“The banker is aware that texting the client will result in regulatory non-compliance but he takes the risk because he wants to please the client and close the deal,” Long said, adding: “He figures it can’t do that much harm, so he picks up his mobile phone and sends the text. Except as soon as he hits send, the bank is out of compliance and potentially liable for hefty fines. This scenario plays out over and over, day after day. But SayHey Messenger® offers a simple, clean solution.”

Instant messaging

SayHey Messenger® was designed for sending instant messages to colleagues and other app users within an organisation, but now, there is an additional external messaging feature that allows a user to send and receive SMS texts with external users who have not installed the app.

The messaging data is managed to meet record keeping requirements and maintain full regulatory compliance. This means the anecdotal banker can message his client, without running risking compliance mistakes.

Instant messaging has become a preferred method of business communication as companies seek to improve collaborative capabilities and productivity levels. But businesses that try to use a consumer-grade messaging app frequently encounter issues with compliance, record keeping laws and data security requirements.

Two options

SayHey Messenger® Enterprise is designed for larger organisations seeking a messaging solution that’s fully integrated into their existing enterprise software platforms. SayHey Messenger® Business is a standalone SaaS platform with iOS and Android mobile apps and a web app for computer use.

Both include an admin portal, robust moderation tools, industry-leading security features with SOC-2 certification and a rich set of data management tools, with reporting, eDiscovery and auditing capabilities.

Additionally, a consumer-style user interface drives user adoption and can be developed in a company’s branding elements for a cohesive UI/UX in days.

Companies using SayHey Messenger® maintain full data ownership and control, which is unique from what’s achievable with consumer-grade messaging platforms or even the currently-available business messaging platforms. Data is securely stored in the client’s encrypted cloud environment, and the organisation maintains control over backups, data retention and encryption level.

The app also leverages machine learning technology to facilitate more efficient message moderation, without compromising user privacy or compliance.


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