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Review: Trading Down by Stephen Noman

Stephen Norman’s debut fiction novel Trading Down (Endeavour Press Ltd.) is a compelling read laced with intricate descriptive details throughout thanks to Norman’s comprehensive subject knowledge. 

Norman cleverly uses his previous 20 year long involvement within financial industries globally, notably holding Chief Technology Officer position at Merrill Lynch and CIO at RBS Global Markets, to blur the lines between reality and fiction; especially pertinent in the wake of the large scale cyber attacks in recent months.

Trading Down’s two protagonists are layered within parallel narratives. In Central London and the narrow streets of Yemen the reader is introduced to Chris Peters, an international Investment Banker and Zahra a seventeen year old who have backgrounds that are perhaps not as distant as first imagined.

“I thought – we all thought – that these events were accidents. Human error. But we were wrong…”

“Triple Witching is on Friday. We’ve got three days.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I want to go public. Discreetly Public.”

Norman’s vivid descriptions allows Trading Down to effortlessly shift from intense scenes in a range of international locations, as a result the reader can’t help but cement their attachment to both protagonists and read on with haste! 

We are increasingly hearing in the news about the power that technology is now bringing to criminal networks, and we believe that Trading Down could not have been released at a more appropriate moment!

Set to be released on November 9th 2017, you can pre order your copy here

Stephen Norman, author of Trading Down

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