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Railsbank Implement ‘Drag and Drop’ Approach to Embed Finance Into Apps

The global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform Railsbank, will announce the launch of two revolutionary new products, the Houston platform and OpenRailz API, at this week’s Singapore FinTech Festival.

Over the past four years, in preparation for launching the Houston platform and OpenRailz API, Railsbank has deconstructed financial products into core digital components to enable its customers, regardless of sector, to reconstruct and embed financial services into their businesses and customer journeys, similar to how iTunes brought music back to its basics to allow consumers to create their ideal music experience.

The OpenRailz API will allow any financial services provider to plug their products securely and compliantly into the Railsbank platform and be available within Houston for customers to rapidly build financial apps and embedded experiences.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Nigel Verdon will join a panel of industry experts to discuss ‘Digital and Cultural Transformation in a Co-Covid World’ at Singapore Fintech Festival, and will reveal further details about the upcoming innovations. The Houston platform takes inspiration from the no-code movement and will further the democratisation agenda, providing Railsbank’s customers with the tools to scale their financial product proposition quickly and efficiently.

Verdon said: “The Houston and OpenRailz API continue the innovation journey which Clive and I set out on, by releasing APIs that we previously only used internally to enable third parties to hook on to the Railsbank platform.

“Much like Apple did with iTunes by creating the digital music track, we’re giving businesses easy access to financial building blocks so they can develop the next generation of financial services that are embedded into customer journeys and centered around the consumer rather than around a legacy financial institution.

“We’re working hard to lead innovation in the industry. We released the first BaaS API back in 2016, and since then, we’ve become the first global BaaS platform, the first NBFI BaaS business to be a GBP clearer, and the first to launch a true turnkey Credit Card-as-a-Service proposition. Now, as others are just releasing BaaS products, we’ve taken another huge innovation step forward with the Houston platform and OpenRailz API.”

The Houston platform and the OpenRailz API also caps off a landmark year for Railsbank. Last month, the company announced it had raised $37million in growth funding to continue its momentum following the signing of two partnerships with Visa and an investment from the payments giant, as well as the acquisition of Wirecard in the UK.


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