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PaySend Reaches 500,000 Customers Milestone, Adds Transfers to Bank Accounts

Payments disruptor Paysend has reached the 500,000 customers milestone and adding an option of sending money to bank accounts across its network. 

The rapidly growing business now operates in more than 70 countries and now offers consumers an option of sending money to regular bank accounts in additions to card-to-card transfers to Visa or MasterCard and UnionPay. 

Ronald Millar, CEO of PaySend, said: “We are delighted to be offering our consumers more choice when it comes to international money transfer and adding an option to direct a transfer to regular bank accounts in the emerging economies. The recipients in India, Russia, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam and Thailand will be able to receive money transfer directly to their regular bank accounts.”

Recipients’ bank accounts will be topped up in local currency, using the real exchange rate without any hidden commissions or charges. The transfers will be made available to any registered PaySend customer via the company’s website or mobile app. 

Ronald added: “Our partnership with key banking partners in these markets allows us to deliver money in a fast, simple and secure way. All you have to do is to provide a recipient’s name and a bank account number. Sending money directly to cards or to bank accounts is the new innovative way of sharing value across borders and PaySend is pioneering this space by bringing our consumers unrivalled convenience and peace of mind. That’s why 500,000 customers already trust us to send their international money transfers around the world.”


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