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PayRetailers Sets Up Payments Processing Solution in 4 Countries Across Africa

Reknown for its payment processing capabilities in Latin America (LatAm), PayRetailers, the payments processor, is expanding its services to Africa as it sets up in four countries. 

PayRetailers has established a presence in LatAm in over 12 countries as it simplifies the payment process for businesses looking to set up in the region. It is now building upon its portfolio and expanded into Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania. Here, PayRetailers will offer a simple, user-friendly, and scalable experience to businesses looking to grow their regional operations. It will give them access to major local methods like SPENN, Airtel, and MTN.

This market in Africa is increasingly connected and mobile and destined for strong growth, which is why PayRetailers, in its mission to increase financial inclusion and continue supporting business growth in emerging markets, has decided to activate its networks in the region and drive this exciting era of prosperity.

From May onward, businesses will be able to operate in the region using PayRetailers for their online users. This represents a major milestone for its client portfolio and its innovation strategy for 2024.

Setting up in Africa in 2024 and beyond

Lorenzo Pellegrino, chief operating and digital officer at the fintech, states: “As a part of our strategic expansion, we are extending our coverage to four markets in Africa, at least to start with. Over the coming months, we plan to steadily expand our operation in the continent. It is currently experiencing incredible growth in the payments industry. Furthermore, the region has massive potential for merchants looking to diversify and broaden their consumer base.

“Using the stellar and continuous growth we have experienced in LatAm as our guide, we are well-poised to help businesses thrive faster and more sustainably.”

“We recognise the immense potential and significance of venturing into these dynamic markets,” adds Juan Pablo Jutgla, CEO of PayRetailers. “Each new addition to our market coverage is a gateway into untapped opportunities and strengthened partnerships. Consequently, this ensures our sustained growth and global relevance.

“Our imminent expansion into additional countries across West, North, and Southern Africa underscores our commitment to empowering our clients. We are connecting them with diverse consumer bases across the continent.”

To secure its standing in the African market, the company reveals further expansion plans already in stow for the coming months.


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