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Zolve Connect Launches in Partnership With Gigs to Support Expats Moving to the US

Zolve, the neobank enabling global access to financial services, has partnered with telecom-as-a-service platform Gigs to launch its own mobile service: Zolve Connect.

As a result of the launch of Zolve Connect, expats pursuing higher education or work in the US can now easily activate their phone plan in the Zolve app with just a few taps and stay connected with friends and family, both in their new and former homes.

By bundling financial services with a phone plan, Zolve aims to provide expatriates with two essential needs from one app, ensuring a smooth start to their life in the US.

Previously, expats have had to provide an address, a credit card, and a social security number, which can often lead to frustration and feelings of discrimination. To tackle this problem, Zolve Connect enables users to sign up for their phone plan from anywhere in the world in less than three minutes using Zolve’s app or website.

Zolve Connect’s flexible plans do not have any lock-in periods, enabling users more freedom to cancel every month. Its plans offer carrier-grade connectivity on a choice of AT&T or T-Mobile‘s 5G networks, providing unlimited talk and text, as well as hotspot functionality. Thanks to Zolve’s new mobile service, expats can go online as soon as they land in the US.

Unlocking “an instantly growing recurring revenue stream” with Zolve Connect
Zolve CEO Raghunandan G.
Raghunandan G, CEO of Zolve

Raghunandan G, founder and CEO of Zolve, said: “For expats seeking access to financial services or a SIM card in the US, the process has traditionally been time-consuming, complicated, and overwhelming.

“However, by enriching our suite of financial products with our phone plan, we can significantly simplify the lives of the international community and transform the Zolve app into a launch pad for global ambitions.

“Simultaneously, with today’s introduction of Zolve Connect, we are thrilled to unlock an instantly growing recurring revenue stream.”

This product launch positions Zolve as the world’s first fintech company to introduce its own mobile virtual operating network, enabling the company to boost customer engagement and loyalty while generating recurring revenue.

Hermann Frank, co-founder and CEO at Gigs, also discussed the partnership: “With more than one million people relocating to the US every year, Zolve has identified a huge underserved group.

“Combining easy access to both financial services and phone plans under one roof positions Zolve as the prime destination for US-bound expats looking to hit the ground running. We are proud to enable Zolve Connect through our full stack telecom platform and look forward to accompanying Zolve on their entrepreneurial journey as a growth partner.”


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