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Opportunity for British Tech and AI Specialists: A Pathway to Western Australia

There’s just days left for AI, data management and tech specialists from the UK to make the most of an opportunity to advance their careers in Western Australia (WA).

This Australian state is gaining recognition globally in critical minerals, renewable energy, and medical technology. With higher wages and a lower cost of living compared to Britain, along with a lifestyle enriched by over 200 days of sunshine every year, WA has become an attractive destination for professionals seeking new horizons.

Thanks to the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed two years ago, British citizens have the chance to work in Australia through a special visa scheme. The Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot (IECSEP) was established to provide a streamlined path for early career professionals and innovators from the UK to experience work Down Under.

This programme opens doors for innovators across various industries, including research and development, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, medical technology, fintech, agritech, audio-visual, and cultural sectors. Among these industries, data management, AI, and tech specialists can also take advantage of the program. However, the window of opportunity is closing soon.

The IECSEP will stop accepting new applications on 20 November, marking the end of a potentially smoother process for those looking to make the move to Australia.

The IECSEP offers two streams:
  1. The Early Careers Skills stream, allowing participants to undertake short-term placements, secondments, or intra-corporate transfers for up to one year in Australia.
  2. The Innovation stream, catering to highly skilled and experienced individuals who have made significant contributions to innovation. Participants in this stream can undertake opportunities for up to three years in Australia.

In the first year of operation, the programme will provide a total of 1,000 visas, with 2,000 available in the second year, subject to program review.

While the IECSEP covers opportunities across Australia, Western Australia is actively promoting the advantages it offers, both in terms of employment prospects and quality of life.

Those interested in pursuing their careers in Western Australia at a time of huge growth can visit the website or can also find information on the Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s information page.


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