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FinTech Australia Event Puts Sustainability in the Spotlight

FinTech Australia, in collaboration with The Australian Trade and Investment Commission, StartUpBootcamp as well as BDO, debuts a new event aimed at spotlighting sustainability-focused fintech companies.

FinTech for Net Zero will include a panel discussion on fintech’s role in managing the challenge of climate change. Impact fintechs including Slyp, FootprintLab, Good for B and Clima will also pitch at the event.

Additionally, FinTech Australia will partner with Clima to offset any emissions associated with the event, which will take place at BDO’s office in Sydney from 4pm on Tuesday 12 March.

Rehan D’Almeida, general manager of FinTech Australia, commented: “Fintech has a fundamental role to plan in addressing climate change and other key environmental issues tied to it. Everything from reducing carbon in the finance industry, helping companies account for emissions through to interesting new funding mechanisms for tackling climate issues. We need to deploy every tool we have at our disposal to reach net zero. Fintech is an integral part of the solution.”

“This event forms part of our broader push to raise the profile and awareness of fintech companies in the sector addressing climate and sustainability. It builds on the launch of our Positive Impact Finnie Award in 2023, and is a theme we will continue to champion into 2024.”

Sustainable future

Jude Blankfield, chief of staff and VP marketing of Slyp, also added: “FinTech for NetZero is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and a call to action for all fintech stakeholders. Fintech is not just about financial innovation; it’s about shaping a sustainable future.”

“Slyp is proud to be one of few fintech’s in Australia that has achieved their B-Corp certification, a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a positive impact. Our mission to become the most trusted digital receipt and loyalty standard in Australia has been fuelled by our long-term objective to reduce the environmental impact of the 10.6 billion paper receipts in circulation in Australia every year.

“This mission led to the launch of FutureProof last year, an industry-led initiative aimed at transforming the way Australians receive and manage receipts, a great example of collective change at its best.”

FinTech for Net Zero launches as FinTech Australia, the advocacy body for fintech in Australia, also continues to call for entries for the 8th annual Finnie Awards, which will return to Sydney this year and will be held in June.


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