October at The Fintech Times: Women in Fintech

This month at The Fintech Times our focus will be on the women of the industry, as we continue to build on our successful 2020 series throughout October.

Females in fintech are doing a great job to smash barriers as women-led companies, investors and entrepreneurs continue to succeed, steering the big ships in payments, regtech, insurtech and more, plus regularly winning awards.

Here at The Fintech Times we’ve asked women at all stages of their career to highlight some of their proudest achievements, from how they smashed the glass ceiling to what they have done to create a rope ladder for those coming up behind them. What’s more, each weekday you can find great tips from women in power not just about their own personal experiences, but what advice they would give to other females and minority groups.

Plus, we will have our usual additional cycle of podcasts, webinars and more to support our latest theme.

Webinars coming up include:

Women in Fintech – Powerful Leaders that Happen to be Women – released Thursday 7th October at 11am

While around 30% of the Fintech workforce is made up of women, that figure drops to just 17% of Fintech leaders. Here we speak to some of the top women in Fintech to ask them why there is such a difference in genders at the top, and what help and support is available to women coming up the career ladder. This webinar will also look at some of the latest initiatives to challenge the disparity and ask if more needs to be done.

Women in Fintech – An Unusual Career Journey – released Thursday 21st October at 11am

Most people in Fintech admit that they never started out looking to carve a career in the industry, but for some women, that journey has had more twists and turns than a whodunit novel. In this webinar we speak to women who have broken barriers, overcome hurdles and sometimes even crashlanded in positions along the way. We will also examine some of the reasons why women in Fintech need to take such a prolonged path. Often a lack of flexible working or a culture of long-working hours for women still in a primary caring role can be a barrier to entry into the industry. How have these women overcome such challenges?

Stay tuned for more women in fintech announcements at The Fintech Times this October.


  • Gina is a fintech journalist (BA, MA) who works across broadcast and print. She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio.

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