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Searching for Mana Podcast: Why Do Startups Fail? | Tom Eisenmann, Harvard University

Dominic Brough
Why do 90% of all startups fail? This week, Harvard Professor Tom Eisenmann joins Mimi Nguyen in the Searching for Mana podcast to discuss his new book – The Fail-Safe Startup. Focusing his research and his MBA class at Harvard University on the mistakes and missteps of entrepreneurs, for the...

Searching For Mana Podcast: Innovation Delivered | Lukasz Marczyk, Accenture

Mimi Nguyen
  This week, Mana Labs co-founder Mimi Nguyen speaks with Lukasz Marczyk from Accenture‘s Warsaw office.  As an innovation leader and part of Accenture’s leadership team in Poland, Lukasz discusses his experience within innovation management and his journey towards becoming Managing Director and Partner at Accenture.  This episode also does...

Improving founders’ mental health | Matus Maar, Talis Capital

Dominic Brough
This week, Lloyd delves into entrepreneurship and mental health as he welcomes Talis Capital’s Matus Maar. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Talis, Matus has overseen early-stage investments in such FinTech giants as Onfido, iwoca, PriceFX and many more. Talis is also a leader in mental health amongst VCs. Recently,...