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Mesh Payments Launches Its New Numberless Business Card

Mesh Payments, a provider in the corporate payment and spend management space, has tied together a physical and virtual card in its newest innovation: the Plug & Pay Visa Business card. The new card program offers a numberless physical Visa Business card that can be linked with Mesh virtual cards and swapped out on the fly – all with just a click. The Plug & Pay card was enabled in collaboration with Visa, which worked closely with Mesh to roll out the innovative solution to growing businesses.

The Plug & Pay Visa card provides businesses with more security, flexibility, and control in the way they can make offline payments with a physical card, bringing all of the benefits of Mesh’s spend management platform into users’ pockets. The numberless card helps reduce security risk since there’s no visible number that can be stolen or abused by fraudsters. If the card is compromised in any way, the finance manager can simply link a new virtual card to the physical one. Additionally, finance managers have full control over the physical card, allowing them to disable the card, change its pin code, or swap the virtual card remotely all from the Mesh platform.

Beyond that, the Plug & Pay Visa card makes it easy for finance managers to stay on top of their budgets since they can pre-approve the virtual cards that employees use. It also helps finance teams manage and shorten their monthly close with easy receipt collection and matching that provides real-time visibility and insights.

“We designed Plug & Pay to address the needs of finance teams who spend valuable time worrying about abuse and fraud on corporate cards,” said Oded Zehavi, CEO of Mesh Payments. “As we see further consumerisation of the enterprise, more and more small and medium enterprises are embracing new technologies and experiences. With the Plug & Pay Visa card, businesses can enjoy the security a numberless physical card provides, while still benefiting from the enhanced experience of virtual cards and our spend management platform. Working with Visa to bring this solution to the market has been incredibly rewarding, and we are proud to help deliver innovative solutions alongside them.

“Mesh virtual cards already support online payments as you can simply log in to Mesh from any place with any device and get access to all your cards.” He continued, “in the physical world, Mesh supports digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and now with the Plug & Pay cards, we’ve managed to get the same experience of using virtual cards online but with a physical card. This means that you can still manage your cards and access features such as pre-approved budgets, be in total control of your payments, and have ultimate security while paying with physical cards.”

“The way businesses manage their spend is evolving rapidly due to new innovations and technological solutions,” said Veronica Fernandez, SVP, North America Head, Visa Business Solutions. “We want to help our clients adapt to these changes and better serve them by enabling the enhanced experiences new technologies can provide. Our collaboration with Mesh on the Plug & Pay™ Visa card is a part of our efforts to help bring these innovations to the fast-growing market of small and medium enterprises.”


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