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Mashreq Enhances Digital ‘NEO’ Experience for Customers by Launching ‘Mashreq UAE’ Banking App

Mashreq, the financial institution for the MENA region, has launched a new mobile banking app, ‘Mashreq UAE’, in an effort to provide an enhanced digital experience for its customers.

By merging the Mashreq app with the Mashreq NEO app, the firm is now able to offer a single-login platform for customers, enabling them to view all their financial relationships across products and services, enhancing convenience and simplifying their banking experience.

Mashreq explained that the newly enhanced Mashreq NEO experience, offered via the Mashreq UAE app, was designed with the customer in mind, offering a personalised experience, such as displaying offers for credit and debit cards specific to each individual on the app dashboard.

Simplifying the app’s branding also aims to provide a consistent experience across different customer segments and variants, truly embodying the essence of intuitive customer focus.

The new app offers existing Mashreq customers 24/7 customer service via the digital chatbot: ‘Mashreq Virtual Assistant’; which offers instant support and transaction management.

Customers who are new to the bank can now also benefit from a completely digital onboarding journey, enabling them to open an account quickly and securely with just a face scan. Biometric face validation provides a secure and streamlined process, making decision-making simpler for the customers.

Hoping to boost user engagement rates
Fernando Morillo, group head of retail banking at Mashreq
Fernando Morillo, group head of retail banking at Mashreq

Fernando Morillo, group head of retail banking at Mashreq, explained: “Banks that are focused on enhancing their digital infrastructure are set to see a dramatic spike in engagement, thanks to a consumer base that is evolving to be more tech-savvy, seeking convenience, simplicity and personalisation.

“Because of the demonstrated success of our digital banking platforms in the UAE and other global markets, we have undertaken expansion to new markets, such as Egypt, Pakistan, and scaling up our presence in the GCC.

“The new, supercharged Mashreq NEO experience we have introduced through this launch, is yet another incredible milestone in our journey to creating truly game-changing digital experiences for our customers.”

In terms of growth and engagement, the launch of the Mashreq UAE app hopes to significantly boost user engagement rates. The bank forecasts growth in these areas, highlighting the app’s potential to transform the digital banking experience for its users.

These enhancements align with Mashreq’s vision for the app over the coming years, aiming to onboard all customers digitally, offer a comprehensive range of services, and establish itself as one of the most rewarding banking apps in the market.

Aiming to ‘exceed’ expectations of digitally-savvy customers
Radu Topliceanu, head of NEO and personal banking at Mashreq
Radu Topliceanu, head of NEO and personal banking at Mashreq

Radu Topliceanu, head of NEO and personal banking at Mashreq, also added: “As we embrace the future of banking, the revamped Mashreq NEO experience is more than just a technological advancement. It is a strategic pivot towards fully integrated, customer-centric digital experiences.

“The app is not only a gateway to efficient and secure banking but also a reflection of our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique financial needs of our customers.

“Our aim is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our digitally-savvy customers, making Mashreq the go-to bank for innovative and reliable digital banking services.”


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