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INZMO Launches RentalBot to Ease Dispute Tensions Between Tenants and Landlords

Despite best efforts from tenants and landlords, disputes are bound to happen and can often only be resolved following legal support. In fact in Germany, tenancy legal issues are one of the most common areas requiring legal support as almost half the population live in rented accommodation. As a result, insurtech INZMO has launched a new AI chatbot to help people get the legal info they need.

Tenants and landlords frequently turn to professional legal counsel to navigate the wide range of issues related to housing and tenant protection laws and regulations, in order to effectively manage disputes and safeguard their rights. However, getting the right support can be a long and timely process. To simplify this, Berlin-based INZMO‘s chatbot, RentalBot, enables both landlords and tenants to get urgent, informed and affordable responses on common rental issues and disputes.

Developed in partnership with legal technology company ChatLegal, the AI-powered legal assistant, INZMO’s RentalBot has been extensively trained and tested on German rental laws and real-world court cases. As such, it can ensure its information and guidance are relevant and robust.

How it works

RentalBot uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand user queries, analyse relevant legal information and provide clear guidance on rental laws and common disputes. It can assist users with issues such as:

  • rental increases and pricing
  • evictions
  • deposit disputes
  • maintenance and repair issues
  • lease terms and contractual obligations

RentalBot breaks down complex legal terminology to provide practical, easy-to-understand information to tenants and landlords. The 24/7 service is currently available in English and German.

Reelika Ein, chief product and experience officer at INZMO
Reelika Ein, chief product and experience officer at INZMO

Reelika Ein, chief product and experience officer at INZMO said: “The current economic environment, with rising interest rates and increased costs, is putting a strain on the rental market and we expect a continued rise in the need for legal support. By working with ChatLegal to train an AI-powered chatbot specifically on German rental laws and common legal issues, we can offer users a simple, fast and affordable way to access the information and guidance they need, 24/7, before issues potentially escalate and require more comprehensive legal support.”

While RentalBot can provide valuable expert assistance and insights on common issues, it does not replace personalised advice from a human lawyer or legal representation for court proceedings. The chatbot is currently unable to generate document templates, but can advise on their structure and content.

RentalBot is available to both tenants and landlords on a pay-per-consult basis, meaning users only pay when they need assistance.


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