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The LHoFT Foundation is launching the “Fintech Hotline” to meet the needs of the Fintech startups: “One question – One answer – One immediate solution”

Luxembourg, November 15th, 2017- Are you a Fintech startup and have a question or an
issue? Then the Fintech Hotline newly launched by the LHoFT Foundation is made for you.
The Fintech Hotline, a simple solution to solve a common problem
At the LHoFT, we noticed that most Fintech startups have a lot of questions and most of the time the questions are quite similar. The questions are often legal or banking related. Sometimes queries are more technical, IT-related or even real-estate based.
To meet the needs of the Fintech startups, based in or outside Luxembourg, the LHoFT decided to be practical and gathered various experts to answer directly to the startups to help solve their problem. The first objective is of course to be solutions-oriented and help the startups as much as possible. But ultimately, we aim at creating a database with all the questions that have been asked and answered for the benefit of the whole Fintech ecosystem, demonstrating that Luxembourg is an accessible, open Fintech hub.
The Fintech Hotline, thematic chosen and technicalities
 The thematic chosen for the first session is: “How to setup a company in Luxembourg.”
More topics will be discussed in future sessions.
 The first Hotline session will take place on Thursday November, 23rd starting at 8.30 am CET for 2 hours in a row at the LHoFT offices.
 Experts from Allen & Overy, PWC, BCEE, Finimmo, KPMG, Expon Capital, House of
Entrepreneurship, Luxinnovation and many others will participate to the call to answers
startups queries.
 To ask your question : Join the call (works with all navigators except safari)- Optional dial-in number +352-247-7890 – No PIN needed

Emilie Allaert, Head of Operations and Projects at the LHoFT commented: “The LHoFT is thrilled to launch this initiative and to have the support of the industry and experts willing to give their time for the hotline and share their knowledge and wisdom. We believe that this initiative can be beneficial for everybody: the startups who will be able to have concrete answers on subjects that matter to them as well as for the whole ecosystem to foster even deeper collaboration and have a better understanding of the fintech needs”.

Manon Loison
The LHoFT – Head of Marketing
(+352) 621 322 062
[email protected]


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