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Fintech startup hiveonline receives a €800,000 investment from Swedish entrepreneur

Fintech startup hiveonline receives a €800,000 investment from Swedish entrepreneur Torbjörn Nilsson and his business partner Håkan Birging. The seed money investment comes at a crucial moment in Hiveonlines progress towards launch in 2018.

Danish Hiveonline is developing a financial administration solution for small businesses, their customers and investors. The blockchain platform creates security and trust, allowing businesses to focus on delivering their customer offering and building profitable and sustainable companies, using the mobile app. Investors can see that their money is spent on sustainable activities through the investment portal.

Torbjörn Nilsson and Håkan Birging made the full seed round investment of €800,000, making it clear they hold a strong belief in the future of hiveonline: “The financial industry is full of setbacks and bad surprises for beginners, so knowing your way around is valuable. My friends at hiveonline are extremely seasoned and well connected”, says Torbjörn Nilsson.

Hiveonline’s CEO, British banking build veteran Sofie Blakstad, adds: “We’re thrilled to benefit from Torbjörn’s dynamic entrepreneurial experience and it’s important to us that Torbjörn shares our bold vision to replace today’s ego system with tomorrow’s eco system”.

Torbjörn Nilsson says: “The people at hiveonline are smart and talented, as you would expect, but they also have a strong and proven track record from blockchain solutions and distributed payments.”


Sofie Blakstad, CEO hiveonline

[email protected]

+45 24427371

Torbjörn Nilsson, CEO Sebbot Invest

[email protected]

+46 706899091

About hiveonline

Hiveonline is a financial trust platform, using blockchain technology to eliminate small business owners’ administrative burdens with contract and money management, giving them more time to create value and focus on what they do best. The solution also provides fact-based ratings tailored to different audiences. Hiveonline will launch in 2018 in Denmark and Sweden, in partnership with local banks and accountancy platforms.


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