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L&G switches on new pensions portal for 3.7 million people

  • 3.7 million members of L&G-pension schemes are now eligible to register for enhanced pensions portal ‘Manage Your Account’

  • New portal anticipates future technologies including the Pensions Dashboard

  • Infrastructure has proven resilient to traffic spikes of up to 75% more than average during Covid-19 lockdown and pension benefits statement season

Legal & General (L&G) today announces the release of its enhanced secure pensions portal ‘Manage Your Account’, successfully switched on for the use of 3.7 million eligible defined contribution scheme members across the UK.

In addition to simpler navigation and an enhanced design, the portal has been enriched with a series of new features.

Individual members of L&G pension schemes will now be able to:

  • Access their pension at anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Access fund fact sheets and breakdowns of lifestyle profiles
  • Compare, choose and invest in funds – or redirect their future contributions
  • Plan for the future using L&G’s new interactive ‘Retirement Planning Tool’
  • Get simplified pension statements and other documents in one click from the home page
  • Log in more quickly and easily using enhanced security features such as one time passcodes
  • Get rapid support from L&G if needed through our new virtual assistant or our secure messaging facility

Over the last year, a dedicated team has worked to incorporate ideas and feedback from members, making the portal accessible for all and improving the customer experience.

Having this new technology in place allows Legal & General greater flexibility and lays the foundations for future developments, such as anticipating requirements for Pensions Dashboard.

To date the new ‘Manage Your Account’ has been rolled out to more than 16,000 pension schemes, representing 3.7 million individual members across the UK who are eligible to register.

As of Thursday 11th June 2020 a total of 1,058,890 million members have already registered and logged-in to make use of the new portal.

Emma Douglas, Head of Defined Contribution at L&G, comments: “Recent events have only underlined why the pensions industry must invest in cutting-edge technology to better serve scheme members – via the channel each individual finds easiest.”

“This portal is a significant piece of new infrastructure for a ‘lockdown’ UK – and has been completed by our teams who themselves are also operating and collaborating remotely. In a time when financial security is more important than ever, the new portal allows members to view their pension details safely, whenever they need to.”

“Investments we’ve made in new infrastructure behind the scenes of the new portal will boost L&G’s ability to deliver new tools, services and technologies well into the future.”

Traffic spikes during Covid-19 Lockdown:

Ahead of the upgraded functionality, the portal’s essential infrastructure has already proved its resilience during testing times, serving up to 75% more unique visitors at peak times than the pre-lockdown average.

The extra demand came from members wanting to view and review their pension account, and latest benefit statements during the recent period of market turmoil


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