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IT Workers Consistently Overworked Despite High Levels of Flexible Working

IT employees are having to work harder to pay the bills, with the vast majority (86%) working beyond their contracted hours on a weekly basis and one in three (36%) either not leaving the office or taking a break at lunchtime according to Morgan McKinley’s Working Hours and Flexibility reports. 

Those in technology revealed that 20% work beyond their contracted hours by ten hours or more on a weekly basis to meet deadlines and cope with workloads. 29% of employees feel it is expected of them to work overtime, yet they are not rewarded, with only 12% stating they receive compensation for the extra hours.  

61% of respondents outlined that they are available on mobile devices outside working hours, checking emails first thing in the morning, as well as staying online commuting home and in the evening. 66% of IT employees expect flexible working when looking for a new job. 75% are offered flexible working by their current employer, with 92% of that proportion making use of the opportunity.

David Leithead, Chief Operations Officer at Morgan McKinley UK, commented: “The way in which we all work has changed dramatically. Employees have increased access to flexible working but end up working a greater number of hours every week. It is becoming a widespread dilemma.”

David continued: “Employees often don’t take any kind of lunch break but feel obligated to work beyond their contracted hours. When they finally leave the office, they feel they should be available on mobile devices. This feeling of ‘not being able to down tools’ can negatively affect an employee’s wellbeing, causing mental burnout.

The Labour Party believes introducing a four day working week could restore balance in our lives whilst maintaining productivity levels – our survey findings suggest professional workers would support such a policy. Unsurprisingly, business groups are skeptical. Whilst this may not be the best solution, it is crucial that employers recognise the issue of overworking and manage it appropriately.”


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