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ICO Profile: Zichain

Zichain is a Switzerland-based crypto finance company, who launched the world’s first cryptocurrency indexation and analysis service in December 2017.

  • What does your company do?

We are a crypto finance company. We are pioneering the world of cryptocurrency by developing a range of simple, safe and trusted products, that allow everyone to successfully invest into cryptocurrencies and support this investment. We provide products, services and platforms to meet most of the requirements of our clients in the financial services.

  • What problem are you solving?

First of all, the complexity and the confusion of the current world of cryptofinance – it is disorganised, not easy to operate and unsafe. We offer simple, safe and easy platforms to help people successfully invest, either actively or passively, into cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, in order to tackle the issues of fake news and false businesses operating in the crypto space, we will be offering a news and data portal, so the users can keep abreast with the latest market development. And of course, our exchange platform will be an integral part of our system, offering safe and competitive fiat to cryptocurrency exchange rates.

  • What are the major challenges for your business?

Regulation, “newcomers”, worldwide competition, and the issue of trust when it comes to the industry in general.

  • How are you changing the world?

We offer something that no one else has offered to date. Our mission is to provide the best possible product and service to anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency.

We are pioneers in our field, bringing the skills and the knowledge of traditional finance to develop the new world of crypto finance, with the help of the latest technology.

  • What is the major social impact your business has delivered so far, as you see it?

Our aim was to make asset management accessible to everyone, so it stops being a privilege or occupation of the selected few, and becomes an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their education, background or geographical presence.  

  • Do you see your company as a disruptor or a collaborator?

We see ourselves as pioneers. We provide financial services and platforms. Our main goal is to provide the best quality services and become a main counterparty for our clients, dominating on core markets.

  • How do you see collaboration within the industry?

We can learn from each other’s experience, creativity and technological advancement (and we cannot rule out collaboration with other industry players in the future, although at the moment we are focusing on creating something no one has created before).

  • Why blockchain?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the next stage of technological evolution. Cryptocurrencies are a new form of assets. A new form where, thanks to technology, the infrastructure is transforming from sluggish component into the “service” as a commodity.

The business is becoming more pure – processes become faster, proof of concepts cheaper and easier, the market – borderless.

  • Where do you see yourselves in 3 years? And where do you see blockchain tech in 3 years?

We see ourselves as leaders in our field. We want to provide financial services globally and to become the one and only counterparty for every person who is interested or who is investing in crypto. We are working on a number of exciting products and businesses, which we are looking to bring to the masses in the next three years, in order to fulfil our current clients’ offering. And I see blockchain tech gaining more mainstream position, viewed as an evolutionary stage of the technological development.

  • Is the blockchain ‘industry’ a maturing one? If not, what more does it need?

The main issue for the industry is regulation, mainly relating to cryptocurrencies – adoption, trading, issuance, etc. The blockchain, as a technology, is now on its way to be implemented in a large number of industries, and there are more products being tested and launched.  

  • Like many blockchain startups, you have turned to an ICO as a way of raising funds for your company. How are you finding the ICO process so far?

We had a number of financing options available to us, including the choice between the VC and ICO. We decided to go to ICO, to launch our own cryptocurrency, and provide our clients with an option to pay 30% less fee and commission, and to give access to different financial services. In addition, we, as a company, are committed to investing up to 50% of the revenue in our tokens. We have designed our token as a mixture of “stable coin” and the coin directly correlated to our business figures. I believe that the ICO process is very helpful for the business development. Although a lot of professionals and a community are involved, it helps to be at the forefront of the industry, be involved in the core business and technological discussions and to ‘keep the finger on the pulse’. We see Advisors from different regions helping us with the integration into the local community, so we can plan to build the global Zichain community.


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