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Dunne Delves.. Into the Money 20/20 Agenda

As our Director of Business Development, Max Dunne spends his days gaining further insight into the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystems. Through ‘Dunne Delves’, Max shares his opinions and expertise with you – Fintech FIRE!!! ???  This month Max shares his highlights of the Money 20/20 Europe Agenda with you ??? 

Fancy picking Max’s brain at Money 20/20? Drop him a message on Telegram @maximusmd7

With over 1500 companies and 5000 delegates in attendance last year, Money 20/20 Europe was the conference of choice for those in fintech, financial services, and payments.
Since then fintech, and blockchain, have gathered even greater momentum; this fact combined with an impressive roster of speakers, and a wide variety of themes, suggests that this year’s conference may surpass all those before it!
With this in mind, this month I take a look at some of the most interesting items on the agenda in Amsterdam at Money 20/20.

Scaling and sustaining Fintech in London
Everyone knows that London is the fintech capital of the world, right? So how do you make sure your fintech succeeds? You either get in touch with me, or you head over to the Spiegeltent Stage and listen carefully to London’s Mayor for Business, Rajesh Agrawal. Ideally both!

Fintech Insider Live @ Money 20/20
Fintech’s favourite podcast, say no more.

Startups working with corporates, is there a secret sauce and how might regulation affect the recipe?
Building relationships between startups and corporates is pretty much my daily bread and butter, and at times it’s definitely easier said than done. Melding businesses with vastly differing cultures, working methods, and end-goals, can throw up all manner of issues; and an ever changing regulatory landscape only complicates things further. Wherever you may be on the business spectrum, just make sure you’re at the Carousel Stage in time for this.

Decentralising power is the only truly transformative element of the blockchain, everything else is just hype
Blockchain has opened up a world of opportunities; equally it’s opened up a can of worms. Working with Blockchain businesses; ICOs; and Cryptocurrencies; on a daily basis, I know only too well that for every true use-case out there, there are at least 10 bonafide scams. Understanding the power of blockchain is the first step to avoiding said scams, get over to the Ringside Stage to get smart.

DLT: Reinventing the economy
Not a day goes by where I don’t read something shared by Oliver Bussmann, CEO & Founder of Bussmann Advisory AG. With nearly 30 years of experience across various industries, Oliver is one of the true thought leaders in an age full of false prophets. If there’s one person you should be following, it’s definitely Oliver! Oh, and by the way, Distributed Ledger Technology is pretty interesting too!

The Payments Race
This year’s Payments Race sees five influencers battle it out from Istanbul to Amsterdam using their chosen payment methods; mobile payments, cryptocurrency, cash, plastic, and wearables.
They have to travel through as many countries as possible, and complete a whole host of challenges. The result is great content, and a great demonstration of the viability of different payment methods. Make sure you head over to the Big Top Stage to find out who won, and more importantly who had the most fun along the way!

AI will make banks AND Fintechs disappear
I mean, where do I start with this one? AI is potentially the most interesting topic out there at the moment; the scope it holds is still far beyond our current comprehension. Daniel Hegarty, CEO & Founder of Habito, will be drawing on his considerable acumen to put the fear of life into banks and fintechs alike. So it will be interesting, relevant to all, and who doesn’t love to watch bankers squirm!

Startup Pitch competition: The Final
Now in its third year, the Startup Pitch competition promises to be tougher than ever. The heats will be pretty tasty, but the final is definitely not one to be missed; I love garlic bread, but I’d never prioritise it over steak!

Onboarding, verifying and unlocking the commercial potential of Europe’s un- and underbanked
As the name suggests, the un- and underbanked present an, until this point, massively missed opportunity. Why’s it interesting? Capitalising on this latent potential would not only provide a great deal of third-party benefit, but also lead to a generally stronger economy; WIN-WIN!


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