Good Luck to in the European Fintech Awards

Social Inclusion for Albania:

Albania is a small country in Europe with many challenges, we are not part of the Eu. (Maybe we could swop) with a high population of unbanked.

This is a big challenge for this country and this is why were are here and fighting for it. There’s a 3 million population, with 16 banks, and 58% unbanked.

The biggest problem is the informality of the economy. Being a candidate member for EU, part of that is technology revolution bringing new services and new opportunities for this market. It’s not easy to bring financial revolution when the economy is underdeveloped.

We are bringing financial services to Albania, our company has grown from 2 people to 25, with over 300 agents, even in rural and difficult areas. Albania being a candidate for EU they have to comply with some reforms… electronic payments, financial inclusion…it’s a must for Albania

We enable people in Albania to buy digital services, including Pay TV, and to pay their utilities online, electricity bills, even kindergarden payments, and Police fines, which is important in creating a fair and inclusive society. Soon we plan to offer micro loans, and bring many millions of people new opportunities.


The Fintech Times wishes all the very best in the upcoming awards and for the future.


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