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GELLIFY Middle East hosts webinars on how businesses can embark upon post-pandemic economy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: After establishing the need for changes as businesses in the UAE slowly return,  innovation platform GELLIFY Middle East hosts another set of webinars in June to provide companies with expert opinions, solutions, and used cases on how to engage with the post-pandemic economy. In the “Future-proof Your Organization with ‘Black Swan’ Capabilities” series, participants can learn how digital innovation help mitigate business risks.

Gellify is headquartered in Italy with offices in Spain and UAE IMAGE CREDIT: SUPPLIED

June 3  – Black Swan: Monster or Mentor?

Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (UAE)

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Description: GELLIFY will discuss the experiences of the C-levels who delivered their companies out of past crises. Senior representatives from Ferrero, Ingredion Incorporated, SC Johnson (Kraft), and more will help us understand how we can act in the current crisis in order to emerge even stronger.


June 9 – Mixed Reality:  How to Engage the Post-Pandemic Human with VR and AR Anywhere, Anytime

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (UAE)

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Description: Much like the widespread use of household electronics after the pandemics and wars of the 20th century, we are now witnessing the progressive democratization of augmented and virtual reality devices and applications across social strata. These technologies will revolutionize the way we interact with our clients and stakeholders. As we build a path toward a brighter, post-pandemic future, it will become even more important to start with users’ hidden and spoken needs. This session, GELLIFY will discuss:

  • how to shape better experiences using technology
  • the most promising use cases for the new era Design hybrid experiences
  • how to mix digital and physical components to better fulfill customer expectations Business impact
  • how to integrate a phygital perspective into your practic


June 16 – Let’s Build the Phygital dimension into our factories

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (UAE)

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Description: Prior to COVID-19 crisis, Industry 4.0 was an area of great interest to many manufacturers: an exciting topic with huge potential to increase competitive advantage. Now those drivers for competitive advantage become the elements that make companies survive. We must quickly and urgently integrate an additional digital layer into our physical ecosystem, building the PHYGITAL FACTORY. In this session, participants can learn how to:

  • cluster industry 4.0 technology domains
  • identify valuable applications for manufacturing and beyond
  • take decisions in uncertainty
  • combine digital and physical ecosystems
  • identify the right partners for innovative projects

June 23 – Artificial Intelligence:  How to confront the unpredictable with optimal solutions

Time:  2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (UAE)

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Description: AI solutions can help you react faster and in a more reactive way to situation changes, having access to recommendations for the constraints and how to creatively re-optimize your plan. In this session, GELLIFY will discuss how your organzation can consider what’s new in Artifical Intelligence as it manages black swans like the current pandemic emergency.


June 30 – Smart Working: Telemedicine, smart Education, Remote Maintenance

Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (UAE)

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Description: In the last session of “Future-proof Your Organization with ‘Black Swan’ Capabilities” series, GELLIFY will discuss how your organzation can consider smart working innovations as we find ourselves in a new normal and be prepared for future emergencies.



GELLIFY is an innovation platform that connects high-tech B2B startups with organizations to innovate their processes, products, and business models, through investments.

Headquartered in Italy with offices in Spain and UAE, the company’s success banks on its unique model which infuses businesses with the latest technologies from B2B startups and GELLIFY capabilities. GELLIFY brings startups from their embryonic “air” or “liquid” state to a reliable and scalable “solid” state, using its unique ‘GELLIFICATION’ growth program. This growth is funded through smart investments, supplied by GELLIFY and its co-investors.

GELLIFY has also built a community called ‘EXPLORE’ where entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals can connect on any digital device. Through the app,  available to download from App Store and Google Playstore, participants can engage in phygital (physical and digital) experiences and take part in events, and infuse their businesses with the latest technologies from startups and GELLIFY capabilities.

GELLIFY comprises three business units: (1) GELLIFY for Startups, which provides more comprehensive services than mentorship and basic services that are typical of incubators through its ‘gellification’ program; (2) GELLIFY for Companies, which provides open innovation services used to design and implement digital transformation of small businesses and large corporations; and (3) GELLIFY for Investors, which provides Investment advisory and the management of a GELLIFY Investment Fund on selected innovative B2B Tech Start-ups.

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