Free solution launched to ramp up remote fundraising for charities

To help the charity sector and brands tackle the estimated £4.3bn of income loss which is expected over the coming 12 weeksThyngs – the physical-digital payment platform – has partnered with Charities Trust to help the charity sector by enabling any brand to raise funds via their own physical products & services. 

This anticipated hit comes as a direct result from Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing measures which are impacting crucial revenue streams that come from methods of fundraising that require some degree of social interaction, from collection tins at shop tills, to buckets held by volunteers outside supermarkets.

The Thyngs and Charities Trust partnership will make it easier for consumers to donate from home using frictionless, smartphone-enabled adjustments to packaging and products which will enable the collection of mobile payments and support for charities closest to their hearts. The Thyngs’ technology solution turns any physical branded object into a point of sale – in minutes/hours – using smart ‘tap and go’ technology such as QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay.  This is an engaging and unique solution that is quick and cost-effective for businesses to set up, and easy for consumers to use and engage with, without needing an app.

Dr Neil Garner, Founder and CEO at Thyngs, said:

We’re entering a really difficult time for everyone, but for charities especially. We were shocked to hear the level of impact that charities may face and the charities that we work closely with have echoed this concern. This is why we are putting in our greatest efforts to ensure we help, alongside the Charities Trust.”

Fundraising events are being cancelled across the country, and many are choosing to give to food banks rather than make cash donations. The partnership between Thyngs and Charities Trust will allow vital fundraising efforts to continue, and ensure that businesses can still reach those who need their help whilst being able to give back to a selected charity. By introducing new, innovative, and engaging ways to show support through non face-to-face methods and at-home fundraising, charities will be able to feel at ease both now and in the future.

Through the Thyngs platform, businesses will be able to create their own fundraising campaign ideas for over 18,000 charities using physical products, packaging, TV advertising, leaflets and more, without the need for interpersonal interaction.

“Thyngs was founded to support charities, and we’re working tirelessly to find new ways for them to get the donations they need that will help them survive the strengthened cashless society along with the uncontrollable hurdles, like now, in the future,continues Dr. Garner. 


Euan Imrie Chief Operating Officer at Charities Trust, adds: 

“At a time when all charities are facing unparalleled challenges to keep funds flowing in to maintain their charitable activities, we are pleased to be working alongside Thyngs, making the best use of current payment/donation technology to provide whatever assistance we can.”


In practice, the partnership will mean that:

  • A business or fundraiser will sign up with Thyngs to raise funds for any Charity of their choice.
  • The business will get a pack of interactive images with unique QR codes for consumer engagement. These images can be applied to products, packaging, deliveries, magazines or signage to create branded donation points.
  • As an option, brands can also include NFC so consumers can just tap their phone on a sticker to interact.
  • Consumers simply tap or scan the image on the product using their smartphone to find out more about the cause & donate via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card in less than 30 seconds.
  • Charities Trust will use their existing service & network to distribute funds and claim Gift Aid on behalf of the Charity
  • Thyngs and Charities Trust will also be working with the larger corporates to ensure they have full visibility of their company fundraising, giving them access to a full suite of tools to maximise both engagement and donations.

The solution ensures that those who want to raise money have the absolute best tools available to them to drive success.


For more information about Thyngs, visit

For more information about Charities Trust, visit


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