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First Open-Loop Visa Gift Card Launches on Mobile Wallets

InComm Payments, a global payments technology company, has announced it has launched an enhanced customer experience for by offering custom gift card options and integrating Vanilla Visa Gift Cards on select mobile wallets, marking it as the first open-loop Visa gift card to do so. This functionality will allow Vanilla Visa Gift Card recipients to conveniently add their cards to their device’s mobile wallet apps and transact touch-free when redeeming the gift card.

Through the website, consumers can buy physical or digital gift cards, which can be conveniently sent to friends and family by mail or instantly through e-mail.

The new custom option broadens the selection of colours and stamps for physical and digital gift cards and gives users the ability to upload a photo or logo, allowing gift-givers and businesses to fully express their creativity. Customers will also have the option to purchase one of six select gift boxes for physical cards, in order to provide recipients with the full unwrapping experience.

Tokenisation, a recently added feature, will also enhance the user experience by providing the recipient with a few easy steps through which they can add any card to their mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. The availability of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards on mobile wallets facilitates the gift recipient’s access to funds on the go and allows easy, touch-free shopping wherever mobile payments are accepted across the US.

“As much as we all wish the holidays were a bit more normal this year, our solution helps gift-givers express sentiment from wherever they are, and helps businesses show appreciation to their stakeholders,” said Adam Brault, Senior Vice President of Financial Services at InComm Payments. “We’re also excited about the integration with the mobile wallets, which makes the experience convenient and safer during the pandemic.”

The mobile wallet platforms use a token service in which each transaction is authorised with a one-time unique dynamic security code to ensure transaction security. Customers will have access to advanced wallet-based security and authentication systems to approve payments.

“Touch-free payment adoption rates were already increasing organically, but the pandemic accelerated the consumer demand for quicker, safer payments,” said Matt Sollie, SVP of Product Management, Financial Services at InComm Payments. “By adding the ability to add your Vanilla Visa Gift Cards to a mobile wallet, we’re increasing recipients’ safety by facilitating touch-free redemptions and increasing their utility.”


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