Fintech Week London 2023
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Fintech Week London 2023: Watch Video Interviews

Fintech Week London 2023’s two day conference – held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – featured an array of top-notch speakers and panellists from government, fintechs, banks, regulators, private equity firms, investment and media companies, with major players and challengers all receiving representation.

Watch our Fintech Week London 2023 Summary Video

As well as watching fascinating discussions live on the stage, The Fintech Times team also gathered insights from industry leaders at Fintech Week London 2023.

Introducing our Fintech Week London 2023 video interviews
Betsy Samuel at Thredd
Scott Dawson at DECTA


Jill Docherty at Nium
Prakash Pattni at IBM


Nadia Edwards-Dashti at Harrington Star
Oli Cook at EKKO

Gemma Livermore at TechPassport

Watch our Fintech Week London 2023 voxpops
Ian Walsh at PriceHubble
Carl Harris & Shikar Ajodiah at Signature Business Solutions


James Penn at Moody’s Analytics
Nathan Hopkins at Escrow London


Shari Dewannemacker at Enky
Pierre Aurel at Halo Dot

Wouter Bens at The Connector


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