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Fintech Founders: Galia Benartzi

Katia Lang, CEO TFT speaks to fintech founders about their business vision and challenges in the world of fintech and blockchain

Katia: What led you into starting this company? 

Galia Benartzi

Galia: My team and I have been experimenting with community currencies for nearly a decade. Thanks to blockchains and the Bancor Protocol, for the first time in history, we’re now able to give community currencies sufficient levels of transparency and liquidity in order to get started and to thrive, enabling anyone to “tokenise” the economy around their community, cause or neighborhood, for example.

Katia: What’s the main problem you’re trying to solve? 

Galia: Historically, changing one type of currency into another has required a trusted intermediary who matches two parties with opposing wants. This reliance on matching, creates significant barriers for small-scale and new currencies. Bancor Protocol solves this liquidity barrier by ensuring constant convertibility between cryptocurrencies of any size without needing a counterparty or an intermediary. This is the enabling technology needed to move us from highly centralised to truly distributed value systems – which we believe will fundamentally change and improve the landscape of human collaboration.

Katia: What’s your vision behind the company? How is it going to change the world? 

Galia: By lowering the technical barriers to designing and deploying token-based economies, Bancor will enable new forms of value to be created and shared, allowing greater economic resilience, financial inclusion and peer-to-peer collaboration within online and offline communities across the globe.    

Katia: Does it make any difference being a female founder VS a male founder in Blockchain? 

Galia: Women leaders face some unique challenges in relation to our male counterparts, though all founders share many challenges in common when bringing new ideas into the world. Being a female founder is an asset to teams and projects, not a liability. Bringing together different perspectives begets progress. This is a great time to lean in, and together with men, be part of re-designing today’s global financial system. 

Katia: Your main piece of advice to other women in tech?

Galia: Lean in to whatever opportunities for growth present themselves. Speak up, ask questions, educate yourself on the nuances of issues through different perspectives. Find ways to bring your perspective to the table in a way that’s additive rather than combative. We have an opportunity to imagine and embody feminine leadership, beyond being females leading within masculine paradigms. Ultimately, a balance of both is what’s needed – and we’ll all need both to help us get there. 


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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