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ECOMMPAY’s Payment Platform GATE2025 – One Year On

Cue the fireworks, ECOMMPAY’s innovative payment platform GATE2025 is celebrating its first birthday! In 2018, the international payment service provider and direct card acquirer officially launched the technologically advanced, easily scalable payment gateway.

Reimagined to reflect industry trends and address the specific requirements of all parties engaging with the platform, GATE2025 facilitates high availability to significantly improve the quality and security of payment services.

“We’ve worked hard to build a gateway that addresses specific merchant needs – and not only merchant needs, but the needs of anyone who works within the payments ecosystem,” explains Margarita Mukhmadeeva, Head of PMO at ECOMMPAY. “We continue enhancing the platform, releasing new updates and introducing new features on a regular basis. Reviews from clients have been almost unanimously positive.”

GATE2025 already processes billions of requests (incoming and outgoing transactions, merchant and consumer queries, etc.) daily, but the platform is endlessly scalable, so it can theoretically process an unlimited amount of transactions and/or any other type of requests within any timeframe.

Client activity throughout 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ is evidence of the platform’s operational success. Immediately scaled to accommodate an exponential increase in incoming transactions and requests, GATE2025 processed 60% more transactions per second than when it first launched.

The processing platform also boasts significant upgrades to its integrated risk management system, enabling clients to securely interact with any aspect of their payments ecosystem, from acquiring to issuing to account registration.

Payments without 3D Secure verification are processed almost instantaneously, while those requiring additional parameters to confirm cardholder identity depend on the speed with which users enter their details.

“If we’ve achieved so much within such a short timeframe,” Margarita concludes, “imagine where we’ll be in the actual 2025.”


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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