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Paving The Way For A Fairer Global Financial System.

Disrupting the finance sector has taken a pretty long time due to strict regulations and incumbent large banking organisations which are typically difficult to change. It is about time that we pave the way for a fairer global financial system.

Since the near collapse of the global economic system in 2008 a need has emerged to re-invent an ageing financial system, which is not built for a digital age, and not fulfilling the needs of customers or the economy.
The crowdfunding movement is building a new financial system, which is:

1) Transparent – through online finance marketplaces
2) Democratic – because users choose the businesses they want to lend to
3) Fair – People invest and lend to other peoplepaving way

We believe business finance is becoming more human and at the same time much more efficient. New online based, transparent financial systems that put people in control are emerging. The popularity of crowdfunding and peer2peer lending is the start of this movement of change. Over the next few years ‘Alternative finance’ will become mainstream – in a way similar to how ‘New Media’ was labeled ‘emerging’ at the start of the millennium.

We think investing models and platforms will become more sophisticated for an increasingly mainstream audience along with the opportunities themselves. Established brands are increasingly listing on platforms simply because it’s a great new way to engage their customers.
Being led globally from London as the worlds capital for FinTech – the forecasted boost in the global economy is difficult to predict however if the UK performance is anything to go by we expect the global benefits to be significant.
Access to finance for private enterprises is key to achieving this global economic boost, Crowd2Fund provides this, along with genuinely brilliant opportunities for investors. Alternative finance is here to stay and the positive effects on global money supply and investment are of pivotal importance globally.

Exciting times for all of us! And I am very happy that Crowd2Fund are leading the way of these changes.

Chris Hancock,
CEO of Crowd2Fund


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