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Enfuce Demands Rapid Action to Ensure a Net Zero Future

Payment processor Enfuce has issued a warning to companies that fail to work towards achieving net zero as it shares the success of its carbon calculator, which harnesses payments data to better understand emissions.

Its My Carbon Action tool, developed by Enfuce with environmental consultancy D-mat, transforms payments data and into carbon footprint insights in real time.

Enfuce has committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 as a signatory of The Climate Pledge, 10 years ahead of the goals of the Paris Agreement. In 2021, Enfuce’s total emissions for the year were 461 metric tonnes.

According to the company, these emissions come mainly indirectly from the activities the company engages in throughout the value chain, the employees’ business travel and commuting, and the energy used to run the services obtained, for example, cloud and marketing services.

Niklas Apellund, CTO and co-founder at Enfuce, says technology can help turn around the future of the planet.

“The state-of-the-art carbon calculator My Carbon Action we developed is a good example, and we wanted to prove its power by using it for our own reporting,” he says. “With My Carbon Action, we were able to drill down on transaction level and get highly accurate carbon emissions. We were also able to give personalised tips to our employees to provide them with insight on how they could reduce their emissions.”

Enfuce also reveals it compensated for 461 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions using Compensate Operations as its offsetting partner.

Sustainability warning

Enfuce, founded in 2016 and with offices in Finland, Germany, Latvia, Sweden and the UK, says businesses that fail to implement decarbonisation strategies will struggle to survive.

Monika Liikamaa Enfuce
Monika Liikamaa, co-CEO and co-founder at Enfuce

“The time to talk has passed and we need action,” warns Monika Liikamaa, co-CEO and co-founder at Enfuce. “Humankind is at stake, and we all have a responsibility to leave the world behind us better than we found it. The only companies that will survive are the ones that take action and systematically work to achieve net zero in their own business and empower their customers, partners, employees, and communities to do the same.”

The company has outlined a number of ways it is reducing emissions, such as mapping its suppliers and requiring that they value and focus on sustainability and choosing software and equipment based on sustainability. It has also adjusted company policies to ensure that the flights are booked with airline companies focusing on sustainability issues, or hotels embracing recycling and using green energy.

It has encouraged its employees to walk or bike or use public transport or a carpool when coming to the office and is also providing educational forums to increase the knowledge around emissions.


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