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Webinar: Greenwashing in the Fintech Industry with Enfuce

People around the world have a growing desire to act sustainably. With sustainability the topic on everyone’s mind, many companies are looking at how they can be more green. No longer a ‘nice to have’, consideration for environmental impact is an essential aspect of operations.

However, sometimes there can be a bigger focus on the marketing rather than actually making any sustainable differences. Enter greenwashing – the practice of exaggerating a company’s or product’s green credentials, thereby misleading consumers and hindering meaningful climate action.

This webinar explores the topic of greenwashing and where it occurs within finance and fintech.

Host Tyler Pathe, journalist at The Fintech Times, chats to the excellent Monika Liikamaa, co-CEO at Nordic payment service provider Enfuce about how you can spot greenwashing, and avoid it, as well as how fintechs can promote ESG without falling victim.

Building sustainable solutions is a core value of Enfuce – it believes delivering insightful and future-proof sustainability services can help companies thrive in the fast-evolving payments market.

Watch our greenwashing webinar!


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