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Daily Gain of More than 29% for Electroneum as Crypto Upturn Continues

Following seven days of massive growth in coin price (from $ 0.00514 at market opening on Tuesday 18th September to $0.011938 at market closing on Monday 24th September, according to coinmarketcap.com), Electroneum (ETN) has made further dramatic gains over the last 24hrs (14:49, Tuesday 25th September to 14:49, Wednesday 26th September).

The mobile-based cryptocurrency’s coin price rose from $0.011915 (14:49, Tuesday 25th September) to $0.015386 (14:49, Wednesday 26th September), according to figures from coinmarketcap.com – a gain of more than 29 per cent.  

The news gives Electroneum a market cap of $122,791,569 and puts it 52nd in coinmarketcap.coms list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Electroneum’s CEO and Founder Richard Ells attributes the market interest in the cryptocurrency to the news that a series of big brands had joined or been integrated into the beta-test for its cryptocurrency instant payment system, which began on 12th September.

“The response to our Instant Payment Beta Test has been incredible,” he said. “We’ve seen plug-ins developed for WooCommerce and Magento (two of the world’s largest e-commerce sites) and we’ve been sent videos of it being integrated into the Point of Sale Systems used by some of Egypt’s largest retailers – proving that it could be integrated into any retailer in the world.

“Yesterday we announced that BluBlocker Sunglasses UK – the sunglasses worn by Zach Galifianakis’ character in ‘The Hangover’ – has integrated our Instant Payment system into their store, so you can now buy them using ETN. We’re hugely excited about this and are confident more brands, stores and businesses will join them.”

He continued: “Our Instant Payment API gives us a real, tangible product – something which 60 per cent of the top 100 cryptocurrencies don’t according to a recent report from Invest In Blockchain. We do – and we believe it’s going to be a real gamechanger!”

Electroneum has been causing waves across the cryptocurrency space in recent months. For the full story, follow this link…  


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