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EasyTip Integrates With Samtouch POS Systems To Streamline Gratuity Processes

Tiptech service provider EasyTip is to partner with Samtouch Software to bring fairer and quicker tip payments to staff at more than 7,500 hospitality venues across the UK.

Technological innovation has become vital in driving the post-pandemic recovery of the sector and enabling the administration of staff tips to be more efficient, cheaper, and less time consuming is a significant component of such a trend.

The new partnership enables restaurants who are already using the Samtouch Software to add an EasyTip QR code to customer bills, bringing cashless tipping to diners through the power of paytech.

Tippers select the amount to tip on their mobile phones, before it’s sent directly to the recipient’s bank account. Customers will also be able to rate staff and submit reviews through the service, with the entire process taking only a few seconds to complete.

By activating EasyTip’s direct tipping, restaurant managers can significantly reduce admin time, gain a better understanding of staff performance, and rest easy with the platform’s full compliance with the relevant regulations.

Staff are set to enjoy full transparency around the number of tips they receive; boosting income and gaining instant access to their extra earnings. As hospitality workers are at the lower end of the pay scale, tips comprise an important proportion of their income, hence why making tips fairer and more transparent is essential for the recruiting and retention of staff.

Since launching the platform in June 2021, venues using EasyTip have allegedly seen up to a 30 per cent increase in tips and a 300 per cent increase in customer reviews. The cost associated with bureaucracy is also reduced by the service.

“We have supported the industry for close to three decades and grew with the various technological advancements made throughout the years. Virtually all forms of payment are now being carried out electronically and the UK is likely to be almost cashless by 2024 as a result,” comments John Hall, director at Samtouch Software. “We were therefore keen to implement a digital tipping system to add greater levels of efficiency and transparency, and EasyTip was the ideal partner for us to do this. We are excited to work with our employees and customers to enable a quicker, simpler, and fairer way of tipping in a contactless way.”

Evgeniy Chuikov, CEO and co-founder of EasyTip
Evgeniy Chuikov

“The way we are handling money and paying for services is changing, but accounting for tips represents a significant administrative and financial burden for the hospitality industry,” adds Evgeniy Chuikov, CEO and co-founder of EasyTip. “EasyTip aims to empower customers and staff to transact on tipping directly. Our partnership with Samtouch means this modern, quick, and cost-efficient tipping is becoming available to more hospitality operators in the UK. It is also our belief that all hospitality and service staff deserve to be rewarded for going above and beyond and should have full control over the tips they receive.”

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