Why is Divido the Top-rated Point of Sale Retail Finance Company on Trustpilot?

At Divido, our customers are at the core of our company. We want to make consumer finance fair, flexible and transparent for everyone involved, putting an end to the outdated finance experience that we have all put up with for far too long. Because of this approach, Divido proudly has an 5-star Trustpilot score, making us the top-rated point of sale (POS) finance company on Trustpilot.

We like to think this exceptional score reflects the quality of our solution and customer service. So how has Divido achieved this score – a score better than any other POS finance company on Trustpilot?

1. Quick, understanding and helpful customer service

At Divido, we never underestimate the importance of customer service. We have built a client success team that not only supports every merchant during the onboarding process, but also provides 24/7 support for them after they are set up. Whether this be providing them with marketing tips to promote Divido or recommending the best finance option for their business, our team is there for all of our merchants to make sure they make the most out of Divido.

We also support our merchant’s customers too, helping them to understand how Divido works and taking them through the application process should they have any questions. Here’s just one example of a trustpilot customer review who had this to say about our customer service:

“Without a doubt one of the best finance services I have ever used. Easy internet forms, no big word jargon that can test the stress level of any customer. My paperwork was with me in two days, so no searching for the confirmation email. Top and very very quick response and acceptance. Yes, highly recommend!”

2. High acceptance rates

Most retail finance solutions are only connected to one lender. This means that when their merchants finance for their customers, they can only apply to one lender, reducing the likelihood of the application being accepted. However, Divido is different. We are multi-lender so even if one lender declines the application, another more suitable can accept. What’s more, if a finance is not the right option for a customer, we can offer an alternative payment option. This makes the merchant happy as a sale is generated that may otherwise have been lost, and makes the customer happy as they are able to purchase what they really want, conveniently and easily.

3. Boosts sales and average order values

A retailer is no happier than when they are making sales, and this is precisely what Divido helps its merchants to achieve. By offering Divido to customers, those shoppers who do not want to pay a large lump sum upfront are able to pay in flexible monthly instalments, so removing the obstacle to purchase. And because paying in instalments frees up cash for the customer, Divido can also help to boost average order values. Below is a review from one of Divido’s merchants left on Trustpilot just last week:

“My sales have improved 22% since activating Divido on my website This is a seamless service with only advantages to the merchant. Thank you Divido your customers service is refreshingly exceptional.”

4. No paper, no hassle

Here at Divido, everything is completely digital. At every stage of the process, there is no paperwork, whether the customer purchases in-store, online or via mobile. This ensures the application is quick for both the customer and the merchant, once again improving customer satisfaction as well as reducing the chance of possibility of error that’s prone in paperwork.

5. Modern, smooth application process

We know that every customer’s journey to purchase must be as smooth and fast as possible, and this includes when they are applying for finance. Understanding this, we have created an extremely efficient application process that takes moments to complete. Once the short application has been filled out by the customer, they typically have only to wait seconds to receive a response. If approved, the deposit is paid, the contract is signed – and the retailer can immediately dispatch the goods to the customer. What’s more, to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience, the customer doesn’t even need to leave the website or store to complete their application.


Divido is a fintech start-up already working with over 400 merchants, including BMW, HTC and Simba. If you want to find out more about Divido and see if it suits your business’ needs, book a call with one of our team today:

Kate Rogerson, Divido 


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