Divido Partners with BMW to Provide Comprehensive After-sales Finance

Car owners all over the UK can now benefit from after-sales finance thanks to a new partnership between Divido and BMW. Following a successful 15-week pilot programme, BMW and Divido have agreed to roll out after-sales financing to over 60 retailers in the UK.

By partnering with BMW, one of the world’s leading car brands, Divido is changing the way customers can pay for their after-sales bill by enabling them to spread the cost up to 12 months, interest free. You can find out more and watch the BMW case study below.

How does it work?

Divido’s technology provides a simple, transparent and secure way for customers to pay for after-sales repairs or services, in minutes, completely paperless. The BMW retailer gets paid in full, right away – it’s a win-win for everyone.

What does this mean for BMW retailers?

Thanks to Divido, BMW retailers can now benefit from reduced friction when it comes to customers paying their bill in-store, online or via their mobile. In addition, this helps drive customer satisfaction and retention.

The partnership is a significant development for customers too, who now have the flexibility to pay for their after-sales bill conveniently, at a time suitable to them, by spreading payments into monthly installments for up to 12 months.

Co-Founder and CEO of Divido, Christer Holloman said about the partnership: “It was clear to me that manufacturers, large dealership groups and finance companies have better things to worry about than how to build and support a tool which lets end-consumers pay for anything in monthly instalments – so we did that for them.

The modern consumer will touch multiple sales channels before, during and after getting a quote for a product or service. We want to help our dealers convert that customer wherever, whenever they want to pay with finance; in store, online or over the phone.”

Wayne Berry, MD of Berry BMW, a dealership already using Divido added: “We need to be innovative in aftersales to make sure we have programmes that meet our customers’ needs, because our competition won’t stay still. We believe our opportunity to upsell with Divido will be much greater. This is a really good solution for the customer and a really good opportunity for us.”

To find out how Divido’s finance can boost your business, book a call with a member of our team today – and start converting more customers, boosting average order values and improving customer experience.

Kate Rogerson, Divido 



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