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DIGISEQ Integrates ekko Infrastructure to Enable Carbon Tracking When Using the Wearable Device

DIGISEQ, the wearable payments tech pioneer, has partnered with ekko, the global embedded sustainability fintech. This brings ekko’s carbon tracking, offsetting and positive planet impact platform to consumers using DIGISEQ-enabled devices.

Via a quick access dashboard, customers using the DIGISEQ wearable device will be able to monitor their carbon footprint under the new partnership. The ekko infrastructure will enable customers to choose how they respond to their impact through a variety of positive actions. These include:

  • carbon offsetting
  • saving plastic bottles from entering our oceans
  • reforestation around the world

ekko is also the first UK card provider planning to offer the DIGISEQ vegan-friendly apple skin contactless key fobs to its customers and partnering businesses. Consumers and businesses will have access to the new fobs in the coming months. The DIGISEQ-powered fobs can be used as digital ID or access control devices for employees. This is made possible by DIGISEQ’s mobile provisioning platform, RCOS.

RCOS enables real-time payment data to be provisioned to a wearable item over-the-air. This provides customers with multiple services and the freedom to choose how to pay. The solution is available for any Android and iOS device by downloading DIGISEQ’s white-labelled Manage MiiTM mobile app. Following this, it can instantly deliver Mastercard payment data via secure tokenisation to the wearable item.

Make way for Season 2 of ‘Takeaway’

The announcement of the partnership coincides with the launch of the second season of DIGISEQ’s podcast series. It starts with Angela Davies, head of partnerships and Oli Cook, co-founder and CEO, ekko in discussion on how financial services can form an important part of our collective challenge to live more sustainably.

Cook comments: “Enabling DIGISEQ customers to embed sustainability into their wearables is another major milestone in our growth and impact. DIGISEQ are a business who are working on their approach to sustainability and how their core business can be a force for good so working together on this journey is very exciting.”

“I’m truly passionate about the opportunity we in the fintech community and beyond have to help consumers to understand their choices and make better decisions. Whether that be financially better decisions or environmentally”

Davies added: “DIGISEQ is delighted to be working with ekko to deliver such a powerful eco-friendly payment tool to consumers worldwide. We recognise how critical the visibility of our own environmental impact is to changing behaviours, and alongside the ability to make those offsetting decisions quickly and easily, we can also make a huge difference.

“At DIGISEQ, sustainability is incredibly important. We believe that offering customers the ability to add multiple services to one device, manufactured from sustainable and recyclable materials, can help tackle the huge volume of plastic that many of us carry around in our wallets and pockets.

“With this fob, ekko is not just removing plastic cards. It is also giving its customers an ongoing ability to reduce their own carbon emissions. It incentivises transactions that directly contribute to eco-friendly initiatives. It’s a full-circle functionality that we wholeheartedly support.”

ESG focus

DIGISEQ’s mobile personalisation and tokenisation ensures all provisioned payment data is fully protected, with contactless transactions secured in the same way as card or phone NFC payments.

By promoting use of wearable tech, brands, banks, and issuers can reduce their reliance on producing plastic cards. DIGISEQ handles the over-the-air personalisation and payment enablement of the wearable item from end to end. In turn, this saves banks and distributors vast amounts of time and money.

Additionally, this also helps to significantly reduce the amount of plastic used for cards, improving environmental and sustainability efforts.


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