Continuous Authentication: The Next Step of Secure Authentication With Zally

The emergence of AI has provided fraudsters with another weapon in an already expansive arsenal of ways to attack firms. As a result of AI and other emerging technologies, the need for accurate and secure authentication is at an all-time high. Tending to this need, Zally, the continuous authentication platform, is building up for its launch in 2024. 

Based in Manchester, Zally is urging online businesses to prioritise adopting solutions that leverage continuous authentication and utilise behavioural biometric analysis. The company can help facilitate this through its ability to authenticate users continually throughout their digital interaction. This is instead of traditional authentication which takes place solely at the point of login.

Continuous authentication enhances security by making it challenging for unauthorised users to replicate legitimate user behaviour. It also improves the user experience by eliminating the need for multiple passwords or log in credentials. As a result, it creates a more frictionless customer journey.

Although biometric security such as FaceID might seem relatively new, it has become outdated in terms of securely protecting users. Passwords, multi-factor authentication, and one-time passcodes are already ageing security protocols. Taking a new approach, Zally’s solution looks to change the perception of authentication from a one-time solution to a continuous process.

Problems with passwords

Ninety per cent of passwords can be cracked within a couple of hours according to recent reports. Moreover, with more individuals using a shared, single password across multiple platforms, the risks associated with this conventional approach to online privacy intensify.

By removing this over-dependence on traditional passwords, Zally’s solution helps to eliminate many of the biggest problems associated with online fraud. From phishing attempts, to account takeover attacks, many of the most pressing online fraud issues have emerged directly from the vulnerabilities of static point-in-time authentication systems. By removing this reliance, Zally’s system offers a pathway to a safer online world that can be enjoyed by all.

Patrick Smith, founder and CEO at Zally,
Patrick Smith, founder and CEO at Zally

Speaking on the announcement, Patrick Smith, CEO and founder of Zally, commented: “Our reliance on passwords, a legacy of an earlier digital age, is proving increasingly insufficient against sophisticated cyber threats. By contrast, leveraging advanced behavioural biometrics Zally provides the most effective way for people to confirm that they are who they say they are. As such, our solution prevents fraud, stops cyber-attacks more effectively and greatly simplifies processes from logging in to checkout.

“When compared to this, solutions that leverage continuous authentication stand out as a technological advancement. But they also represent a necessary evolution in our methods of protecting our online presence and digital assets. At Zally, we strongly believe it is time to ditch archaic passwords in favour of more dynamic and secure alternatives. The shift will unlock a more secure online future for us all.”


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