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Founder and CEO of yulife Talks Gamification, Living Well and Doing Well

Fuelled with a message of ‘love your people’, yulife is on a big mission to help companies inspire and empower their people to be mentally, physically financially, well. We do this using a gamified app which encourages, tracks and rewards healthy behaviour, along with simple, easy to join life insurance.

yulife makes wellbeing easy, fun and rewarding. Our gamified app allows employees to collect our unique wellbeing currency called yucoin. The more employees do healthy things, like walking and taking time out to relax or be mindful, the more yucoins they earn to spend with the amazing brands we’ve partnered with, including Asos, Amazon, Avios, Eat, and SoFar Sounds. To make things super exciting, yulife runs daily challenges and ad-hoc lotteries and streaks which help to boost the amount of yucoins employees can earn.

yulife is effectively a 3 in 1 benefits package which appeals to everyone. It’s a great way for companies to attract and keep the best people, and with no paperwork and no P11D to pay, yulife has made things nice and easy for HR and benefits teams. Finally, but very importantly, as we all know, healthier people tend to be more productive and engaged in their work and take less time off sick, which is good for everyone.

The yulife team brings together deep experience and expertise from the worlds of insurance, app development and gaming, alongside thought leaders from fields such as psychology, wellbeing and behaviour change. Together, we make tech that makes people happier and healthier. Our in-app challenges are all designed with clinical data in mind, meaning that we have the tools to keep everyone progressing and creating lasting change.

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