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CEO & Founder of Pocket Bookkeeping App Talks Self-Employment, Five-Star Ratings and the UK Taxman

IVO WEEVERS CEO & Founder at Albert Writes Exclusively for the Fintech Times

Albert, your pocket bookkeeper, has already received over 3,200 five-star ratings in the App Store, just got featured by Apple again last week, and we’ve just been nominated as fintech founders of the year.

Albert exists to make life easier for the growing numbers of solo self-employed and contractors – from those who have jettisoned the corporate life to pursue their own venture, to the plumber, tiler, electrician, freelance journalist or farrier. There are so many calls on self-employed time, and many contractors or solo workers find ‘business housekeeping’ taxing: bookkeeping, invoicing or filing expenses. But if you don’t send your invoice out you don’t get paid, so someone has to do it … step in Albert!

We launched Albert to automate the mundane bookkeeping tasks and allow the self-employed to do more paid work or enjoy more leisure time. How? well, they just need to download our easy-to-use pocket bookkeeping mobile app.

We’ve harnessed the power of the mobile to produce HMRC compliant and customisable invoices, which are automatically sequentially numbered, have auto-address completion, and can be duplicated instantly when required. You get notified when the invoice is opened by your client. The app holds your receipts and expenses, keeps all your record in one place, and can produce instant reports. It holds all the data necessary for your tax returns, and we’ve even got a support team that understands the UK legal and tax systems and is there to help.

Albert can take much of the time-consuming admin tasks and angst out of running your own business. Don’t just take our word for it: we’ve received many highly positive reviews. And we offer two-versions, one of which is free. The paid-for version, which provides more flexibility, costs £2.29 a month, but those signing up with the FINTECHTIMES code can get a 3-month discount.


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