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Brady Harris Joins Dwolla as CEO to Scale Distribution

Former Payscape President tapped to shape the future of programmable payments

 Dwolla, the programmable payments platform, today announces the appointment of Brady Harris as the company’s CEO. With nearly 20 years of leadership in the Payments and FinTech space, Harris brings unparalleled expertise to the Dwolla team. Moving forward, Dwolla founder Ben Milne will support the company in multiple capacities, including as a member of the board.

“Dwolla is built on a powder keg of opportunity that is still largely untapped,” said Dwolla founder, Ben Milne. “With his extensive background and innumerable successes in the payments industry, Brady is the right person to lead the industry into the next era of programmable payments.”

As the former President of Payscape, Harris has a proven track record of unlocking company value through implementing enterprise growth strategies and maximizing business efficiencies. With a history of success in accelerating ‘go-to-market’ distribution, Harris brings a breadth of knowledge in the FinTech industry and experience in scaling businesses that will prove to be crucial for Dwolla at this time of accelerated growth.

“As a pioneer of programmable payments, Dwolla has long been on the bleeding edge of the ever-changing payments landscape,” said Harris. “With an incredible team, best-in-class platform and groundbreaking vision, Dwolla is positioned to grow dramatically in the coming years. This is an industry disruptive technology.”

Dwolla currently supports more than $10 billion a year in gross payment volume, increasing 100% YoY. In Q4 2019 alone, close to 1 million new end-users were onboarded on the Dwolla platform. Dwolla’s feature-rich technology provides a foundation for a future where programmable payments are embedded into all aspects of life.

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