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Blockshipping Announces Innovative Plans to Gamify Global Container Tracking

The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) by Blockshipping is under development to optimise the use of the vast global shipping container fleet. The creation of a global registry in itself will lead to massive savings for the shipping industry as well as significant reductions in CO2 emissions through the more efficient use of the containers. However, to fully realise the potential of the GSCP platform, improved and close to real time location data feeds for containers on the move are needed.

As trackers become gradually cheaper and easier to install, the world’s 27 million shipping containers will at some point all be equipped with smart tracker technology. Until then the GSCP platform relies on the data points generated from when a container e.g. enters or leaves a depot or is loaded onto or off a container ship.

To generate even more data points, also while the containers are on the move on the ground, Blockshipping is now announcing the development of a new app – ‘BoxSpotter’ – that allows people all over the world to scan shipping containers they pass along their way. The BoxSpotter app will supply Blockshipping with an identifier of the container as well as a GPS location and a timestamp that will be loaded into the platform. Users can scan containers through the app and will in return earn Blockshipping’s cryptocurrency called CCC.

Blockshipping’s CTO Jesper Vedelsby explains: “Through our crowdfunding campaign, we have come to understand the value of the strong community that Blockshipping has generated. This has encouraged us to design additional features for the platform that relies on community contribution. People across the globe carry smartphones – even in the most remote locations. If they want to help Blockshipping, they can do so in a fun and rewarding way by joining our global ‘container scavenger hunt’ – BoxSpotter – where they can earn CCC tokens and even unlock special prizes if they find specific containers.”

Active participants will be rewarded with CCC tokens on a monthly basis and Blockshipping will continuously buy CCCs in the market to fund the rewards programme and in this way further contribute to the trading volume of the CCC tokens in the market.

Jesper Vedelsby concludes: “We hope that people across the globe will play along and thereby help to further accelerate the value creation of the GSCP platform to the benefit of the shipping industry and the environment – and even have fun and earn rewards while doing it.”


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