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Blockchain for Good Alliance Launched by Bybit and Partners to Address Gaps in Web3 Industry

A new coalition uniting blockchain foundations, universities, and NGOs in a commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for social good has been announced. Partnering with Web3 communities, crypto exchange Bybit has unveiled the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA).

Addressing a gap in the Web3 industry, the Blockchain for Good Alliance will use the innovations and opportunities of blockchain and crypto ecosystems to power social advancement and tackle issues. In collaboration with its partners, Bybit will drive change by using Web3 technology to open the future of finance to more people.

Aims for the alliance

The alliance will focus on offering blockchain technology training, boosting projects aligned with social betterment, managing initiatives, and providing financial backing to ensure the success of impactful projects. Bybit will spearhead discussions, promote hackathons, and offer its extensive expertise to develop technical and project management skills among partners.

Speaking at a live workshop at Blockchain Life Dubai 2024, Bybit COO Helen Liu addressed the inspiration behind the initiative. “Blockchain developers often tell me that they are lonely; that Web3 is still a niche pursuit,” Liu said.

“So I wanted to find a way to help them find an audience who are new to Web3 and in this way support solutions that benefit and grow the whole ecosystem. The Blockchain for Good Alliance embodies this journey. It sets a course for a more inclusive world where blockchain technology better serves humanity.”

Bybit’s role extends beyond the creation of the alliance; it is committed to being the bridge connecting users to the potential of Web3 through simple, accessible, and innovative products. With over one million Web3 wallet users, partnerships with projects like Solana and 1inch, and a comprehensive array of educational initiatives, Bybit, a.k.a the Crypto Ark, is not just navigating the present but charting a course for a more impactful future.


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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