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Bitwave Completes Data Integration With Request Finance to ‘Ensure Data Accuracy’ for Web3 Teams

Bitwave, the enterprise accounting solutions provider for digital assets, has successfully completed a data integration with crypto payroll, expense management, and invoicing app Request Finance.

This new integration aims to enable Web3 teams to gain enhanced visibility into their on-chain activities more easily, and quickly glean data-driven insights from their crypto financial operations.

On-chain transactions such as payroll, staking, and lending on decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms can have multiple layers of complexity. High transaction volumes across multiple wallets and exchanges can create a time-consuming process for financial teams. Manual crypto payment processes like spreadsheets, PDF invoices, and block explorers are also very prone to errors.

Bitwave explained that the latest integration makes it easier for Web3 teams to track their crypto financial operations and highlights its commitment to unlocking the full potential of digital assets for businesses by streamlining their financial operations.

Businesses are now able to gain audit-ready visibility into on-chain transactions like crypto payroll, expenses, or invoices processed in the Request Finance app. This level of transparency help ensure businesses have a comprehensive overview of their financial activities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

“Crypto is the future of payments”

Pat White, CEO and co-founder of Bitwave, discussed the significance of the integration: “At Bitwave, we understand the unique challenges faced by Web3 organisations and have built a robust accounting platform to streamline financial and accounting processes, reduce manual effort, and ensure data accuracy.

“We look forward to supporting Request Finance in their mission to enable anyone, anywhere, to pay and get paid with confidence in a trustless environment.”

Christophe Lassuyt, CEO and co-founder of Request Finance, also commented on the news: “At Request Finance, we believe that crypto is the future of payments. Enterprises have always been the key to the mass adoption of new technologies; from computers to the internet.

“That is why we building critical enterprise tools to make crypto payments easy, secure, and auditable. We are proud to partner with market leaders like Bitwave who also share this vision.”

Businesses require accounts with both Bitwave and Request Finance to begin the integration. Once the integration is complete, all crypto payment data made in Request Finance will automatically be available in Bitwave, simplifying crypto accounting and payments for businesses.


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