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B-Hive Joins the Fintech Power 50 as an Official Partner

B-Hive joins another great initiative – the Power 50, an accelerator program of 10 influencers and 40 fintech start-ups. The program connects fintech start-ups around the world with the real innovators of the industry while taking into consideration the needs of each start-up. As a renowned partner, B-Hive will actively promote the members to a global audience by helping to organise networking and event opportunities to the community.

The Power 50 recognises the game changers of the industry who are transforming the fintech sector for the better. More than 450 fintechs applied to be a part of the prestigious program and 40 fintechs have now been chosen based on their creativity, flair and innovativeness but the Founder, Jason Williams, wants to stress that this is not just another power list.

“People might see this as another power list but that is not what we are here for. We take into consideration the fintech’s needs and what it takes to help them get to the next level. These start-ups are in different stages and thus, they have different needs. Power 50 is designed to help them grow globally and our ultimate goal is to make a difference in the fintech industry.”

Based in the UK, Williams hopes to create a central hub that will be recognised not only in the UK, but globally as well. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will benefit from being a part of an international platform where they can showcase their product.

B-Hive is known for its innovative fintech ecosystem but with international hubs in New York, London and Tel Aviv, supporting fintech start-ups across the globe was a no-brainer from the get-go says Fabian Vandenreydt, the Executive Chairman of B-Hive.

“B-Hive always wants to support great initiatives such as the Power 50. Jason’s passion for the project has been contagious and we are happy to join the program as a partner. Together with Jason, we hope to create a global ecosystem where the members will not only attend our events but secure their investment opportunities and help inspire the growth and innovation of the fintech industry.”


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