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August at The Fintech Times: Fintech for Good

The focus this month at The Fintech Times is on Fintech for Good with topics such as serving unbanked communities, unveiling new innovations due to the pandemic and ethical banking.

With many fintechs established due to solving a financial need, one of the main benefits of such a growing sector is its ability to do good. Whether helping a vulnerable person trust a volunteer to buy their shopping, or establishing a life-long path to spread wealth fairly, fintech and more traditional establishments have the capacity to do wonderful things.

In August, we look at how fintech for good has far outstripped adding charitable donations to the annual tax return. From rounding up each transaction to dedicated ESG and ethical banking streams, to serving unbanked communities and creating spaces for religious concerns by normalising fiscal responsibility within the industry, fintech for good has never been as abundant.

This month will shine a spotlight on the fintechs and organisations that are making our lives better, but what communities have benefitted the most? And more importantly, what will come next?

Webinars this month include:

Using Fintech for Good – released Thursday 5th August at 11am BST

Fintech exists to solve problems, but while more efficient services and greater banking for all are noble causes, what other ways has Fintech been used to do good in the wider community? This webinar will examine how Fintech has led the way with bringing solutions to the table, especially during a global pandemic. Innovation over the last 18-months as well as long-standing commitments to do ‘good’ will be discussed, while also looking ahead to the future and how Fintech can shine a light on the under-served and under-prioritised.

From Roundups to Ethical Banking – How Consumers are Donating Digitally – released Thursday 19th August at 11am BST 

Ethical banking might well be a buzzword today, but consumers have been looking to do good with their income for as long as fiat money has been in existence. The only difference is that before Fintech, individuals had to search for ways to do good. Whether that was through annual donations or leaving to charities in their wills. But over the last few years, innovative fintechs have changed that. From sending your change digitally to your favourite charities, to investing and banking in ethical streams while also serving a need for specific communities, such as Islamic finance. This webinar will examine the boom in ethical banking, and ask – what comes next?

Why Fintechs need a Zero Trust approach – Thursday 26th at 16:00 BST – Register Now
Join FinTech Times and a prestigious panel of cybersecurity experts in this upcoming webinar that will explore how Zero Trust directly impacts financial services.
Our experts will also discuss the critical role that Privileged Access Management (PAM) can have in the financial industry, and how a shift to working from home during the pandemic has highlighted a desperate need for Zero Trust within this sector.


  • Gina is a fintech journalist (BA, MA) who works across broadcast and print. She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio.

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