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August at The Fintech Times: Business Resilience

This August at The Fintech Times, we’re uncovering the different ways businesses are showing resilience against a myriad of factors – some within, and some beyond, their control.

This past year has been a tough time for the fintech industry. A lot of the troubles can be attributed to a lack of fintech funding, which dropped by almost 50 per cent in H1’23 to $23billion, according to S&P Global. A lack of funding has made it harder for organisations to invest in new technologies and install new cybersecurity measures. Against the backdrop of high-interest rates and rising inflation too, fintechs have been up against it in 2023 – business resilience has really been called into question.

Despite these hardships, many organisations have been able to pull through and emerge even stronger. Throughout August, we are going to highlight these companies and how they have been able to do so. We will look at how organisations have continued to make working-from-home (WFH) viable, how they are dealing with challenges like the emergence of generative AI, retaining top talent and observing operational trends of 2023 too.

Working from home

The pandemic hybrid work style that we all got used to has been challenged as the world has returned back to normal (for the most part). Some organisations have opted for a return to the office while some are encouraging either remote or hybrid working.

To understand how these organisations are enabling this, we will learn about how firms are protecting their remote workers. We will also learn about the new challenges emerging as a result of WFH. Ultimately, the question of if WFH still works for fintechs will be answered.

Solutions to risks and challenges

Following that, we will look at some solutions organisations have implemented to take on this year’s challenges. We will begin by spotlighting the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically generative AI and the impact it has had on the sector, before shifting our focus to cybersecurity. With fraudsters constantly evolving their means of attack, security is a top priority which cannot be forgotten about.

Reputation and resilience 

Our third topic of discussion in August will be about reputation and resilience. Specifically, resilience during an economic downturn. Additionally, acquiring and retaining top fintech talent remains a pressing issue; we find out how organisations are overcoming this.

Operational trends

The last focus of the month will be on operational trends. During this time, we will be hearing about organisations’ predictions for the future. Furthermore, we will be highlighting some of the hardest operational trends organisations have faced this year. How they have been overcome will also be revealed.

August won’t be a month you want to miss out on – be sure to stay tuned!


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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