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Assetz Capital Celebrates Immediate Success of New 90-Day Access Account Promotion

For a limited time only, investors can effectively earn up to the equivalent of 7.75% per annum gross (when viewed across the initial three-month period) on all new funds invested into the peer-to-peer business lender’s latest Access Account 

Assetz Capital has announced that nearly £10,000,000 has been invested into its 90-Day Access Account since its launch last week, with all newly invested funds currently earning an introductory target rate of 5.75% per annum gross.

To celebrate the launch of the account, investors can still benefit from an exclusive 1% cashback offer on all new funds invested into the account, payable in just 90 days from the start of the promotion (T&Cs apply).

When viewed as an annualised rate of return, the cashback offer equates to 4% pa. By factoring this into the 90-Day Access Account’s introductory target gross interest rate of 5.75% per annum, investors can effectively benefit from a potential 7.75% per annum (equivalent) rate of return when viewed across the promotion’s initial three-month period and 5.75% per annum thereafter (until such time as the introductory rate changes).  

To qualify for the cashback payment, users simply have to deposit new funds onto the platform and invest these into the 90-Day Access Account at any time until the promotion closes to new investment at midnight on 15th March 2019. Both ISA and non-ISA wrapped accounts qualify (T&Cs apply).  

The 90-Day Access Account was launched to give users another flexible short-term investment option and access to cash with just 90 days’ notice in normal market conditions (though access times cannot be guaranteed).  

Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz Capital said: “Our current 1% cashback offer is a fantastic boost to investors’ returns for our recently launched 90-Day Access Account and is on top of its attractive introductory interest rate of 5.75%. With the opportunity to earn the equivalent of up to 7.75% on new investments during that initial three month period, there has never been a better time to invest in the platform.” 

The 1% cashback offer on Assetz Capital’s 90-Day Access Account immediately replaced its previous existing customer promotion. Investors that took advantage of this prior promotion will still receive their cashback payment as advertised. 


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