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Artesian:DueDil Becomes FullCircl and Is Set to Dominate Customer Lifecycle Intelligence

Artesian:DueDil has evolved into FullCircl; a rebranding that arrives in tandem with the launch of its highly differentiated newly combined Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) proposition.

The unveiling of the company’s new identity comes just months after the two companies announced that they were to come together in a strategic partnership.

The rebranding to FullCircl is set to better embody the full evolution of this partnership, unifying both solutions for which each company was well-recognised. By doing this, FullCircl is set to dominate an entirely new and distinct market category.

Discussing this consolidation exclusively with The Fintech Times, FullCircl CEO Andrew Yates explains how the pieces fit together: “Artesian has been really well-known in the market as a company that provides software predominantly for relationship professionals, and has been very much in pursuit of the customer acquisition and customer retention objective.

FullCircl CEO Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates

“DueDil, on the other hand, are perhaps better known for their very powerful data ingestion solution. It does a great job of taking data from many different places and fitting it together into graph technology, giving you answers to questions super quickly, whilst also showing you how everything is connected.

“DueDil has done an amazing job of figuring out how to do that with information about companies. Not just the story behind every business, but also the people inside those companies and how all of that is connected. So the combination of what DueDil has done extremely well, and what Artesian has done extremely well is what the new company’s all about.”

FullCircl’s CLI proposition will allow customers in regulated industries to address many of the costliest, time-consuming and critical challenges associated with business by helping them win the right customers based on business requirements and risk appetite.

The solution presents the best-verified business data with advanced data ingestion, validation, and augmentation through its Business Information Graph (BIG), which is updated daily to provide over 270 million connections; some of which are often not available via other sources such as Companies House.

When specific data challenges arise, the solution’s enterprise-grade APIs use targeted endpoints to offer a solution, available in combination with rules-based automation.

The CLI proposition also facilitates a low-code decision engine that allows financial institutions to codify policies for credit and risk, or advanced pre-qualification applying its business automation rules at the point of need.

Its automated and perpetual KYC, AML and credit checks work to accelerate the onboarding process, whilst customer retention is also supported through proactive engagement and in-life customer care.

The solution is presented through user-friendly applications that have been purpose-built for Relationship Professionals. Front, middle and back-office teams are all set to benefit from its seamless and easy-to-use design.

FullCircl is positioned to take centre stage within the CLI business, delivering the onboarding and in-life experiences today’s businesses need and customers demand. 

“We provide information about companies, how they’re connected, all of the people inside them and all of the insights that surround them. And that’s extremely valuable as intelligence, but then we figured out ways to make that super useful for businesses, in particular, regulated businesses,” explains Yates.

“Essentially, we solve three problems: firstly we help you find the right customers. You can’t do business with every company in the world if you’re in a regulated industry, so there’s a little bit of a conundrum to solve there.

“The second thing is onboarding customers super quickly. navigating the perils of KYC and AML and all of the other compliance matters. The third thing is helping keep that customer for life.

“So, if you think about that, it’s kind of like a virtual circle. It starts with finding the customer, engaging with the customer, getting them talking in their language to get them talking in your language, onboarding them quickly and then doing business and continuing to do business.

“We realised that that was like a virtual circle so we decided to call the company FullCircl, because it really describes what it is that we do. We help our customers go full circle with their customers.”

FullCircl’s CLI offers a single solution to make better decisions across every stage of the customer lifecycle, ultimately helping companies to ‘do better business, faster’.

The company does this for its customers who use digital and traditional channels of engagement with over 600 customers who already utilise the FullCircl service.


Justin Fitzpatrick, COO of FullCircl
Justin Fitzpatrick

Justin Fitzpatrick, COO of FullCircl, added: “Today marks a new chapter in our evolution as we unveil our bold vision for the future. The cost to acquire and serve continues to rise. Regulated businesses need to find customers that fit their business and risk profile faster, onboard them quicker while satisfying legal and regulatory requirements and keep them for life to grow and scale efficiently.  FullCircl is on a mission to help them do just that.

“With FullCircl businesses can move really fast, whether its automated data collection and critical checks, ensuring compliance, confidently targeting the right customers, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support.  We give them the speed to succeed.”

Check out Andrew Yates’s full interview with The Fintech Times here.


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